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FIVERR's monitoring of my messages is kind of creepy





  1. causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease.

    Everytime I’m writing to my FIVERR worker I’m constantly reminded not to give up any details regarding my Skype or email.

    I’m OK with the email part; but not the Skype part. When I was doing proofreading for a publishing company; my Skype was always on in order for them to contact me. It was up to me to be online or “away” or even "invisible"

    The fact thath FIVERR has made not sharing any contact details which have been NORMAL to all business transactions since the practice has existed is STRANGE to say the least.

    I chose FIVERR because I need shit to get done. It offers a platform for me to easily find what I need at a relatively agreeable flat fee.

    It’s nice to know that half an hour of my hourly pay can support a man for a couple of days in Bangladesh.

    However, it starts to be unnerving and creepy when FIVERR is looking over my shoulder, listening in like a North Korean minder to make sure we don’t exchange any information that might make our communication easier or more convenient.

    Capitalism is about opening up pathways and creating new ones. Not closing them off.

    I want FIVERR to review it’s policy and change it. If necessary; I will take my business elsewhere or “make a new path” around FIVERR or use an alternative if they don’t.

    Governments are the institutions that are supposed to be hard to change; not businesses.

    Get with the 21st century FIVERR!