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Fiverr's monthly NOT RESPONDED flag is broken!

My account was dropped today from level 2 to level 1 saying I had an 88% response rate instead of the required 90%… but there was literally NOONE I did not respond to! I messaged/emailed support and they sent me back a canned response and listed 6 messagers I did not respond to, but they were ALL responded to, everyone of them.

Without mentioning names,

One of the ones she listed as not responding to: He said " Thank you for the gig! Instead of $5 tip I gave you a nice $10 tip! Thank you for everything. They look great!" AFTER an order!

Another one asked me about a custom order to which I responded.

Another one said “can you replace the Fiverr icon for Instagram ??? please let me know so I can purchase. I really want Instagram logo and link included it” after which he ordered and I did for him what was requested, and he was quite happy with it!

None of these should or have ever counted as “not responding”, they were actual orders!!

Another one inquired about a custom order, I responded that I was unable to do the request, then he responded back with “Understood. thank you for letting me know.”…

How is the World does that count as “not responding”??? Does this mean I simply have to have the last word in all conversations regardless of content?? That can’t be right… The Fiverr flagging system here seems to have broken and someone needs to look more in depth at this instead of throwing names up that are incorrectly categorized! This is why I am posting, to see if others are having issues and to get someone to REALLY look into this, maybe a supervisor or something This is ridiculous! The other ones listed as not responding are below which were full conversations…

These following ones were listed as “not responding” in the customer support reply from Fiverr:

AGAIN AFTER an order! I even had the last response, how is this “not responding”???

[CUSTOMER) Thank you for your help with SAWlutions. GREAT job and great customer service! We will be using you again for sure in the future!

Me: Thanks so much! :slight_smile:


[CUSTOMER) Hey, I wanted to tip you, but fiverr charges a service fee on tips. I’m going to need logos soon for another company. You can just add $5 to that. I am trying to import the files to premiere and it wont let me. Are you able to tell me how?

Me: Have you unzipped the files to a folder on the computer? If so, the files should all be MP4 files in 1 folder. Then in Premier, go to file>import and you should be able to import from there for use in a comp


Another one…

(CUSTOMER) I am interested in some stingers with cool animation (not picky about the animation) 1st - That says “Welcome to BurgNation!” (with my Logo) to run between my start screen and live screen. 2nd - "BRB LUL. Do go away. With my logo. 3rd - “SlimBurger has Returned” With my logo 4th - General Transition using my logo. 5th - Thanks for watching (with Logo) for between I am prepared to pay the $10 for all five logo’s. let me know what you think you can do for me.

Me: Custom order cost a bit more than that unfortunately, these are set up on a template to allow me to do these at such a great value.*

(CUSTOMER): What is the cost for custom stingers based on my requirements?

Me: Custom orders start at $65 and go up, they are about half of my business. They take much more time to do than the templates where the time spent on them was the majority of it spent setting up in the beginning.

(CUSTOMER): Ok. So based on what I want, what would the price be?

(CUSTOMER): Also with the templates you just insert the logo and then the stingers are ready?

(CUSTOMER): I just want to know what my options are. \

Me: For 5 seperate screens on the custom job you described it would be $95. On the template I created, basically, it’s a little more complicated than just insert the logo and the stingers are ready, but not much more. I set up macros in it to automate a lot of the work, but I set the logo dimensions, enter the logo, have the template look at the dominant primary color in the logo (if using the $20 option including color matching) and then let it render. The rendering part takes a couple hours and I have to check to make sure they came out alright (plus I make a quick small MP4 preview of the 20 of them), and then, thanks to the process, they can be delivered to you within 24 hours for only $20 in the quality my reviews can vouch for. My custom jobs are great too, they just take longer and because of this, cost more.

HOW IS ANY OF THAT NOT RESPONDING??? I literally have ZERO I did not respond to, and I need someone to look into this, Fiverr, your flags are BROKEN! I have been Level 2 for years and get demoted because of your flagging mistakes really sucks!

You can show that you responded to each of the first messages you received in screenshots to customer support (you could screenshot each of the messages/message threads they specified) - if your responses were within 24 hours of the messages you received. That’s the important bit. If they see that you did, they should be able to fix the response rate value and maybe fix your level if the drop was because of it.


I had this issue too until I started writing a response message in every order message thread, too. It doesn’t matter if you responded to their outreach message. You still have to write a message in their order thread. Since I started doing that I have had a 100% response rate.

It’s annoying, I know, but buyers do appreciate it and always respond to my thank you messages in the order thread, so it puts me on great terms with them. It makes sense to me that Fiverr wants sellers to do this.

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@humanissocial, You have the right answer. I know it because I just experienced it. :slight_smile:

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However, I will say CS always rectified my RR hiccup.
Send them a polite note! :pineapple: