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Fiverr's new 'Ad' feature - Why I no longer use it


I recently got one of my gig approved to go on the new beta ‘ad’ feature in the ‘promoted gigs’ section.
Didn’t see too many results until one day I looked over my revenues to fine a little ‘ad’ symbol next to one of my order revenue amount.

I than realized this order was from a custom offer I have sent to a buyer I have been chatting with, which has also placed 2 more orders a few days later.

Curious to know more, I contacted CS, only to find out that a buyer does not have to purchase your gig for the ‘ad’ review to apply. If a buyer clicked on your profile from the ‘ad’ gig, it will indeed count towards the ‘ad’ revenue for any orders coming in for the next 7 days…

Seems a little unreasonable to me, hence why I no longer use the feature, and happily relay on organic traffic.


No offense, but I carefully read through the new Ad feature when it came out and they clearly show that it applies toward your whole profile for seven days. I mean, maybe you wouldn’t even have had that client without it. Either way, it’s your choice to use it or not, but it wasn’t misleading as to how the using of the promoted gig is tracked, in my opinion.


Non taken. I never claimed it is misleading, I simply stated my reasons for not using the feature anymore.


(OP made it clear :slight_smile: )


What made you think I don’t want any opinions?
I welcome them all!
I only replied to the comment… Everything is ok :slight_smile:


I had an amazing experience with this feature and having that till now.
I think sellers who need reviews > money will be more happy to use it. But it makes sense to disable this feature if it’s provided in one of the seller’s highest selling gigs. :slight_smile:


Definitely ! I believe the problem is indeed the fact that this feature was on my high prices gigs.