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Fiverrs new FAQ update help


Hey, can someone direct me to the rules on what you can and can’t write in the new FAQs section for your gigs.

I want to put “Can I see your previous work”, then post links to previous sites I’ve built. Not sure if this is breaching any ToS.

I updated my FAQs page yesterday and my gig has gone missing from search results.


Hi there!

I took a look at your gig - you’ve got URLs of previous work in your FAQ - not allowed I’m afraid.

Here’s the list of allowed URLs -

They’re at the bottom of the page.


Thank you! Is there any more info on what we can and can’t write in our FAQs


I think all the guidelines for gig descriptions etc. apply equally to the FAQ unless anybody knows anything different?


I’m worried about giving out my registered company name in it. Not sure if that would be allowed or not


I think you’re probably right - no outside of Fiverr info’s allowed.


Best off playing it safe then probably. Thanks again!