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Today while I was going through the settings page, I stumbled upon a new feature of Fiverr i.e. Team Accounts. It can be found under :

Settings > Team Account

What this feature is :

Teams allows you to add existing Fiverr users to the same account. You can create a team, add existing Fiverr users to the team, and fund it with a shopping balance for all team members to purchase from.

Once you create your team, you become the sole admin. Only the admin can see and use the Team Settings page. Admins can create only one team, and users can belong to only one team.

All members that you add to the team will then have the option to purchase using the team balance.

You can find more info about this in here : Fiverr TEAM ACCOUNTS


(Screenshot credit : Fiverr)


I think it will be good for business using Fiverr to allow their employees to buy anything from Fiverr that they can keep a track up of. And as a con, this could be used by some sellers to game the system by offering refunds to their buyers using it, for stuffs like - to change their negetive feedback and things like that.

What are your opinions on this feature? :slight_smile:

TEAM ACCOUNT feature usages for sellers
Fiverr Team Feature
Partial withdrawal?
Is Anybody know about this?
Phone Verification = Easy. What ARE You All Moaning About?
What is team account? how does it work?
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Hi Blaise!

Can we have an option please for ‘I have no idea’?


I guess it’s been 5 mins already and the poll is now uneditable…


As @offlinehelpers said, No idea.
@emmaki Come on, You have got so many votes. People rely on your opinion about this.

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I can’t change the poll after I make it and people vote. Next time, please request your revisions BEFORE I make the poll.

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#By Popular Demand, What @emmaki Thinks

At first I thought this was quite a good idea, as sellers (:rotating_light: fatal flaw :rotating_light:) could team up with others to provide buyers with a full service. So for example, a web designer, graphic designer and copywriter could join services for a whole website. It would also be useful for probably some other stuff that my brain hasn’t quite come up with yet.

However, this feature would probably require significant overhauls to the system as it currently exists, resulting in an appalingly broken mess which results in super-high cancellation ratios, 1-star reviews and a fiesta of angry forum complaints from buyers and sellers alike.

As a lover of drama–I really should move there, it’s a city in Greece, don’t you know?–I think this is a great idea.

Then I found out it was for buyers


Eh, it’s OK I suppose, but it would be better to hear from a buyer what they think of this magical new feature. I imagine it makes project management easier if you’re a company with multiple people ordering various projects and whatnot.

I hope this was both informative and slightly not boring to read, and that any incidences of strong language contained herein do not set anyone off on an amusingly monomaniac comment spree.


Still though, if they’re doing it for buyers, I can see it being introduced at some time in the future for sellers as Fiverr continues to get




With the new policies for sellers, I think now Fiverr Do not trust in DOERS. :unamused:

Update: My cancellation rate is now Rock rolling down from a mountain… :expressionless:


I’m still one man army :sunglasses:


I don’t have that feature. I guess I’m not worthy of the “Team Account.” :cry::frowning2: (sniff, sniff).


It is still in Beta and a few selected users are having this option. It would be available to all once the beta testing is done. (Perhaps?) :slight_smile:


They just wanted to spare you the trouble.

Team member A: Damn. We need this text today. I just logged in to pick it up and guess what, someone didn’t attach the file so the order is still on ‘incomplete’.
Team Member B: That was C’s job.
C: I sent you a memo about it, A, don’t remember? The seller had a question anyway only you could answer.
A: But I did answer the question.
C: And why didn’t you start the order then?
A: Because that was your job.
Meanwhile B joins Teamboss at the coffee machine for a comment about A and B’s team qualities (thank God B had forgotten to start an order himself the day before but had caught the seller online right when they were about to log to sleep for a few hours and had been able to demand the job being done right away with a few decent well formulated comments).
A’s voice from the off: B, did you pick the seller for the cover? Even a donut with an IQ of -5 would have seen the ‘I don’t know that copyright exists’ on the seller’s page. What the #&@* is the minion doing on our cover?!
Teamboss (who picked the cover seller): head getting dangerously red

You might be better off with being your own boss and solely responsible for everything you need. :wink:

But apart from the possible entertainment value, what I think… It probably can be a great feature. Unless you have Teamboss, A, B, and C in your team ;). Otherteamboss, S, T and U might do just wonderfully.

I guess it could work well for sellers too, if they plan to introduce it, after all, there are a lot of seller accounts that are teams already, though I definitely see a few pitfalls there, and yes, it might mean a disadvantage for some sellers.

It seems like another step away from the 5$ concept (5$ - 20% - withdrawal fee possibly - currency conversion loss / X team members = not much). And with a team function for Buyers, they target, also, companies and agencies more than individual entrepreneurs clearly, I suppose companies that need team function probably want more than 5 $ jobs done.
If the resellers we already have here team up too, I suppose it will mean more pressure for even lower prices for the remaining individual sellers.

For sellers who prefer to work alone it might become a problem to not be in a team, an agency or whatever, if most buyers who need a more complex job done would rather drop it all to a single team account instead of interacting with x individual sellers and if one doesn’t want to team up one is left with buyers who might do parts of a more complex job themselves and only need/want an individual service, and with the actual 5$ jobs which teams might not want to deal with in the first place.
Then again of course it’s possible that teams would do their best to go for that market as well, because they have more mouths to feed and more is usually nice anyway, so… but no team feature for sellers yet, so… :tea:.


I currently have on going projects with a rather large company.

They all share the same account on Fiverr, we’re talking about 6 people here.

So every time one messages me, they need to write down their name.

Up to 3-4 people may message me per day from the same account, and each one of them is talking about a different order.

So when I saw the new feature, I was like: “yes! finally! sanity ahoy!”

But making this tool available to sellers as well at some point does make sense. In paper at least.

I don’t know how it would work.


I had a couple orders from accounts that are teams too, and got different members with different names ordering, but only one order at the same time, I can definitely see the advantage of a ‘real’ team account. IMO it would be better/fairer if one could see on an account if it was a team or an individual too, never mind if buyer or seller.
Maybe it would be possible too to make a few other things dependant on that as well, like different amounts of gig multiples selectable for individual vs. team accounts. (scrap that, that should be an individual choice for all accounts anyway).


Dear Miila:

I think this analogy calls for a 4-person team: Scott, Hannah, Iggy, and Teresa.

Team Other Team would comprise Felix, Ulrich, and so on…

Team would be the team that Gets Stuff Done!

Great analogy!


I´d want to be on the team with Scott. Because, beam me up, Scotty, if S*** gets tough.


@miiila Don’t wear a red shirt, and you should be fine. :smile_cat:


You are assuming as a seller we will see the order from a team name. We may still get orders from an individual on the team. Fiverr may use the team only to share funds as an organization.

Nothing worse than getting 4 people sending you revision requests. They usually contradict each other.

Like someone previously said. I have new usernames asking for changes on other username projects and the people don’t know what the original order’s username is so I can’t look it up.

Sounds like a great idea to get more buyers using Fiverr. They saw a workflow challenge that some customers have had and they’re trying to fix it.


Your team dialog is hilarious. I have started projects before the whole team had signed off on the script. What a mess…