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Fiverr's new feature | TEAM ACCOUNT


With perhaps a feature for the admin to restrict purchases above a certain amount.


Team account doesnt mean, a random buyer adds another random buyer and other random buyers.

This is purely for a task delegation in terms of organization.

Team Lead will act as a project manager/accountant.
Instead of him having to micro-manage 3 different project requirements, he will ask his team member X,Y and Z to go complete 3 projects on their OWN, the only difference here is the project will be financed from the Lead’s account.
That way he can keep track of budget allocation and spending etc.

I think this is a simple concept, don’t understand what’s the complication in understanding this.

Fiverr did this to open doors for corporate buyers who have a higher spending capabilities.


Well, let’s see how it goes…!


Hi… please tell me the benefit of TEAM ACCOUNT !!!


Team account benefits buyers, with a business, who has at least one employee.

It really has no benefits if you are a seller (only). You would have no idea if you’re being paid from buyer’s personal account or team account. I suppose it really doesn’t matter as long as you are paid.

If you are a buyer and seller, you would pay from your revenues, therefore there really is no benefit there either.

If you choose to team up, the other sellers won’t have access to your personal account - only the team account. You won’t have to worry about someone taking and spending your hard earned revenue.

I really don’t see sellers teaming up for a joint spending account. There is no benefit to it.


@exprt_designerr @gina_riley2 there is a useful usage of this feature for the sellers. I had made a topic about it, but I don’t think much members had noticed it. :slight_smile:


Instead of spending money, if Team Accounts are used to set up different teams for collaboration, to whom we can allocate orders (or a subset of orders), it would have been more useful. Another Linux Admin approached me a year ago asking me to share the extra work that I couldn’t handle. At that time, I thought of a feature where sellers can work collectively and share the work and revenues.

An extension of what I thought would be, for each speciality, I would keep two or more sellers in my team. Whoever accepts it first would be given that part of the project.

Please note that my idea of team account is different from what is currently offered by Fiverr, which is aimed at buyers. Probably, team account feature for buyers is different from that of sellers. It would be interesting to see how it is handled in case of people who are both sellers and buyers.


Perfect for buyers, especially small businesses that rely on freelancers. I agree that it can and probably will be improved on to allow sellers to collaborate to offer combined services to the buyer team that can be managed in a central location. I like it as a start and see potential. I do not see sellers using this to scam.


This is indeed a good feature, wherein we can keep some of our money in Fiverr bank :wink: However, enforcing the minimum limit of $50 is in bad taste.


Be prepared to pay the processing fee if you plan to add funds to your Team Account :cry:


It’s more convenient than paying attention each order. It’s neater and tighter for accounting purposes.


True. But I prefer moving my account funds to Team Account, if that is possible, so that I don’t have to pay the processing fee.

Do we need to spend that amount in team account to place orders only or can we transfer it back to our main account and withdraw if we want?


On check out, it gives you the option to pay from team account or personal account.


One more issue with Team Account:

I was making payment for an order and look at its needless complaint!


Must have Minimum balance 50$.


My point is that only if I select “Team balance”, it has to display that “Insufficient funds. Contact team admin” error message.



Hi Team,

I would like to be part of the teams, which is created all ready where can i found the team and how can i join to the team… work together.



Team accounts are great but i think Fiverr should work on a similar system for sellers too where they can offer a package with combined serviced they offer. How about that ?


Problem #1: I have a $35 credit on my individual that I cannot access to use because when I go to pay for an order it tells me my Team account is overdrawn at $0. Problem #2: I cannot access a Team account because it not showing in my settings. Please CANCEL the team and restore my fiver life as a buyer.


I’ve been added to a team account but there is no option to pay for an order from team balance. What do I do?