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FIVERR's New Feedback Removal Policy for SELLERS

A seller who had hired me for 300 words of research. I did this perfectly and he acknowledged it was good stuff. He came back 2 days later accusing me of writing just 300 words, instead of 500. He threatened to leave me a negative review unless I did an extra work (which was bulky) FOR FREE! I showed him evidence that we had agreed on 300 words all along. I knew he was trying to con me. He apologized, then went on to leave me a horrible negative review, accusing me of asking him for tips, lying about him and apologizing to him for lying!

I reported the issue to customer support to have the feedback removed as it was clearly false and vindictive.


Yes, it’s tragic that Fiverr favors buyers over sellers, instead of treating us as equals, but that’s the way it is.

When I deliver, I include this message:

"If you’re not happy with my work, click “Resolve Now.”

Even then, I’ll get a bad review on occasion. Bad reviews are hard to prevent, I don’t care what the Fiverr Academy tells you, some buyers are crazy, some are spiteful, some want you to be a slave and keep revising it until you get it right.

Now we sellers are punished for refunding, our listing placement can change. We can also get an account warning if we ask the buyer to remove a review.

So my advice is this. If you get a bad review, reply it. That closes the order, that means you keep the money. That’s better than refunding an order that has already been reviewed, because then you lose the money while keeping the bad review.

I also encourage you to do what I do:

"If you’re not happy with my work, click “Resolve Now.”

If it means a revision request, you can always reply with an explanation.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not working twice when I’m getting paid once.”

Or you can do the actual revision. Or you can demand a refund.

If a buyer threatens you with a bad review, I immediately refund that order because I don’t appreciate people who make threats. Those people can lie, you can do what they want and still get a bad review.


What exactly happens when you hit the resolve now button? I thought the only way to get a review changed is requesting one from the buyer? (I’m new so I’m not entirely clear on this).

HonestChick so sorry this happened to you! It’s completely unfair.

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This happens:

What issue are you having with this order?
Due to personal/technical reasons, I cannot complete the work
The buyer will order again
We couldn’t agree on the price
The buyer is not responding
I’m not able to do this job
I didn’t receive enough information from the buyer
The buyer requested work, which is not offered in this Gig

You choose the reason, then you get the warning of how refunding the order can hurt you. You can an option to cancel and exit.

In the past, when you get a bad review you had the option to message the buyer, asking him to remove it. I think you still have that option, but you can’t tell the buyer, “if you remove that bad review, I will give you a refund.” Apparently TOS (terms of service) forbids it.

I took a peek at Fiveerr Academy and found this:

Request Feedback Revision: If you have an issue with feedback received, you can ask the buyer to modify their feedback. Requesting feedback revisions are limited. Repeatedly using this option may cause your account to be blocked.

My advice? Prevent bad feedback from happening in the first place, if it happens, just reply the review. That’s better than getting your account blocked.

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Hi sellers, I totally understand your point in this thread. However wanted to jump in as a Buyer.
I have engaged with a few sellers from animation, writing, design work, now web development, plus another for brochure work and linkedin Profiles.

I unfortunately have had to give a very poor review for 1 LinkedIn Profile writer and about to do the same to the brochure work. The work coming back is miles apart from what is discussed agreed and promised initially. Plus the referencing works given initially does not match the end work.
My most recent brochure looks like something from the 90’s made using PowerPoint on Office 2000!!! That cost me $70!! Not impressed. Variation still did not meet the mark. So have written this off.

Some fiver sellers are good and if only there was a better way of filtering and finding genuine providers who know quality along with delivering what is promised - would be good.

Did you nicely ask Bob for a link to this feedback policy? I’d be interested in reading it.I know of a few others that would too.

It’s the new ‘thing’ in business. If someone treats you badly, you’re supposed to figure out how to get them to stop. Works great, doesn’t it? :unamused:

It makes me wonder if the ‘policy change’ is that CS didn’t want to look into complaints about the reviews anymore so they just washed their hands of it. Of course, that will just cause their own business to decline. Guess they haven’t figured out that if a bunch of false and vindictive reviews stay on the site, it will make all the Sellers look bad, and will make Fiverr look bad as well. Who wants to order from a site full of bad reviews about everything that’s for sale on it?

Buyers are using new trick now. They will order you requesting to pay twice. They will give you bad review in one and tell you to refund the second or they give you another bad review.

If this has happened to you, please report it to Customer Services. :slightly_smiling_face: