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Fiverr's New Header

Since Fiverr changed their header navigation, my order flow has gone from $90/day to $10/day. My order frequency has been very steady for the past 3 years. Nothing else has changed. My feedback is stellar. I respond to every single message and deliver on time. Has anything else changed that I should know about?

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This seems t be the same with me. I have had only 2 orders in April and this sudden drop started in March after the website update. There were no inquiries and no orders suddenly. I have editing a gig to lower the price in hope to attract more buyers but the gig price is not updating on search results and even on my profile page, you have to actually visit the gig to see the lower price.

2 to 3 weeks is too long to have to suffer due to site updates. I have started investing my time on other platforms, I really want fiverr to work out but if something can suddenly nullify all my hard work then it’s best to have other options.

I’m not sure how the new Fiverr header navigation bar would have any affect on the normal sales end of the site? Potential buyers don’t need the header in order to browse and find seller gigs. Nothing has changed in terms of normal buyer navigation on Fiverr.

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