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Fiverr's new HQ!


Congrats to Fiverr on its new digs, just a few blocks away from my house! So much fun to pass it everyday (usually followed by an immediate, “oh shoot! I have some gigs to deliver!”)


Where? in Tel Aviv, Israel?


That is so cool! Where is that?


Wao. Cool, Superb :slight_smile:


Are they no longer at Ha-Umanim St.?

From the looks of the top of the building, I suppose these are images of the NOW old HQ.


Correct - that’s their old location.


Yep, you are correct!


Do they have a corporate office at Eliezer Kaplan St. as well?


I’m not sure … and they probably keep it off the record anyway :smile:


Well I found it marked as a corporate office on google maps. (Not so off the record now is it… lol):smile:


Looks like offices of the IT companies near my house in Bangalore.


Very nice office indeed!


Why is there an enormous fence at the top of the building?


To stop people jumping off


It would be a good place to hide out during a zombie apocalypse, though. It has the faint whiff of jail recreation area.


you make it sound like the hole.


Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of the NSA’s weird skyscraper in NYC without the windows. This has more tiny windows, obviously, but they both share a delightful air of architectural intimidation.


To me it looks like a recreation area. The design looks like two offices facing each other over a yard. I went to a school that had a design like this in London and everyone went up their for fistcuffs.


Fiverr Death Match could be fun. Yes, I have lived in semi-rural/rural areas most of my life, so while I am familiar with the charms of the big city, fences and gates at the top of a building are a bit jarringly draconian. My school had a huge field for the boys to roll around in as everyone crowded round shouting “fight! fight! fight! fight!”


You can submit a support ticket direct in their office. Cool :smiley: