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FIverr's New inbox

Great Fiverr for introducing New inbox, The first difficulty i felt today is to inbox the client with the current order.
Client has given the order now he inboxes me or the new order commitment but I cannot reply in the inbox as it says
Fiverr| What’s This?
Seems like you already have an active order with XYZ Continue your conversation over at the order page or send a message here instead.

Why is it?
How can I make all the clients understand this??? they feel angry when i reply them in order page …s

Yeah! That is annoying. :neutral_face: I think the notification should not block the messaging system. I always do messaging in inbox if it’s related to an order, as order pages get locked automatically in time, so if ever anything needs to be discussed further or accessed again, it’s much easier to do it on the same page where it was done before, without having to visit different locked order pages to copy things from.

But it’s not too hard to click the “here” link in the message you get. It’s a bit unnoticeable! Should instead give bigger buttons to either reply in inbox, or go to order page if the discussion needs to be locked until then.


O great Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes,Looking Amazing!

Actually it’s always been this way, at least in my category. Why should it make a difference where the client receives the message?

I understand why they changed the inbox. They are trying to make the order and communication pages the same page. Make it all in one place. That would be cool. Now they haven’t comboed it all yet. Or at least it seems to me like they are trying to make it one page that is all in one place.

Sadly, in some ways it is blended sometimes now between, the order, and the messages page. And sometimes not.

I like the idea of not having to go back and forth. The idea is good. Applause to fiverrs for that.

The lack of consistency is the bothersome part at the moment for me.

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