Fiverr's new Mobile version of it's website


I notices a few days ago that Fiverr now has a fully functional mobile version of it’s website. Just wanted to congratulate them on this new development and say well done.


It’s a really cool feature, I noticed it with my iPhone, however, I have noticed as well that not all aspects are fully compatible with mobile, like your gig status page and gig editing and analytics. It’s getting there, though.


Reply to @bachas85: good point; however remember the aim of the sidebar is to allowed quicker navigation on the device. So with users who are browsing with an iPhone it is quite helpful as opposed to someone with an iPad or similar tablet.


The sales page isn’t completely mobile yet, so I’m hoping that comes soon!


It’s definitely a great place to start, since I’m mobile about 90% of the time. :slight_smile:


Let’s see how the site progresses. Like our local Sheriff noted “it’s a work in progress” we can only watch and hopes it moves to our favor. [-O<