Fiverr's new review policy


Remember back in the day, when the rating system was a thumbs up/thumbs down thingie?

Those were the days. :slight_smile:

So, Fiverr made an announcement that buyers are now entitled to leave whatever review they deem fit, and Fiverr will no longer come to the rescue.
(Fiverr actually goes to great length to welcome “honest reviews” if you notice their phrasing and how the tool has been re-worked)

Why do you think that happened?

Well the answer to that gets a bit clearer when we revisit when they first introduced the star rating system.

remember the outcry? Us pleading and begging for them to revert, because they essentially gave a rather powerful tool in the hands of abusive buyers?

Well it didn’t take long before buyers who are here to game the system and abuse sellers for $5 to catch on.

For the past few months, I personally “visited” CS at least twice a week because I was either actively abused by a seller with nasty feedback, or in a hostage-type situation because they wanted something out of scope, but paying more was out of the question.

So I’m guessing a good portion of CS staff’s time was dealing with reviews.

So what does Fiverr do?

Instead of revisiting the broken system they forced upon us, they decided to update their policy so that they no longer have to deal with any review, ever again.

I had to contact CS today, and got scripted responses when all they had to do was check my inbox to notice the abuse.

I don;t know how I feel about this platform anymore.


This is exactly what I took the new review update to mean.


Years ago Youtube went from the 1 to 5 star rating system to the thumbs up and down thingy for a reason. I believe it is legit to assume that over at Youtube are smarter people at work than on this platform.

Especially nowadays, where people swipe right or left in order to find someone to have coffee with or to hook up with, I believe that many don’t even have the intellectual means to formulate their experience. Let alone making the right choice if there are 1 to 5 stars to choose from.

They should go back to the thumb thingy and leave it that way.


They need to fix the fiverr app so that when someone tries to leave 5 stars it doesn’t show as 4 something. That’s really horrible. I had to go through 3 customer service reps before one would help me and erase the faulty 4.3 stars so the buyer could put 5 as she had tried to do.

The buyer had even taken it upon herself to tell CS what happened and they told her to have me request she change the feedback. I wouldn’t do it since it was not me requesting it, it was a bug that she called to my attention and she was asking ME how she could correct it.

The entire episode was stressful to me and thanks to Gio in CS it got solved, but this happens almost once week to me, that the bug appears whenever someone uses the app and tries to leave 5 stars.

Fiverr you need to fix this!


They need to keep the review system simple/stupid for Buyers. Buyers are lazy and don’t bother reading gigs even when they’re spending their money. New Buyers and non-English speakers don’t understand if they’re rating the Seller’s performance or the Fiverr experience, or both.

Buyer rip-offs have become an epidemic and Seller’s need to be aware of who the culprits are. The review system should not be one-sided.


This is the in favor of those nasty buyers who think they can get anything they want just for $5. This must be changed. Fiverr is making the policies worse every now and then.


Everything about Fiverr’s rating and review system is flawed. I’m just glad buyers can’t leave feedback on cancelled orders, because the day that change is made, I’m done here. Especially if the staff won’t do anything about inappropriate feedback anymore.

Cancelling orders has been the only way to reliably solve problems I encounter that the staff won’t assist with. The one good thing about it is that it’s over and done once the buyer accepts. I can only imagine how it would be abused if buyers could still leave feedback on your page anyway (which is sadly what some buyers want).

Once I cancelled an order the day after it was placed because they demanded more work than they stated beforehand, including something I already said I don’t offer. No great loss since I could tell they’d be a handful to work with anyhow.

I explained the situation and said I’d be initiating a mutual cancellation so they could receive a refund, reassuring them that there were tons of great sellers on the platform who could fill their request.

They accepted the cancellation but left a comment, which I believe they thought would be posted as a review. Seller is unprofessional (hardly), they cancelled my order after two weeks (it was 24 hours), they cost my company money and distress (there’s no company and you were cost nothing), etc.

I can shrug it off because the public didn’t see it, but it was just a reminder of how nasty buyers can turn when they don’t get their way. Many have shown they’re willing to do whatever it takes to drag your name through the mud, including lie.

If they were actually able to post that kind of stuff to our pages even when there’s no order to speak of, it’d make things exponentially worse for sellers than they already are. Which I’m not convinced is something Fiverr as a company particularly cares about considering how much money they make from sellers who don’t complain and won’t leave.


There are things that happen that are unfair to good sellers.

One time I had a buyer who placed a large order and expected me to have long rambling chats every night with him while he was drunk and abusive and threatening.
I told him I couldn’t keep on talking to him.
He said he would leave me bad feedback unless I didnt’ keep talking to him every night.
Then started begging “please please I need a friend I will give you terrible feedback unless you keep talking to me”.

I refunded his order. What if he had left me bad feedback over this?

No help for this situation?


Does anyone have a link to the updated “Review” policy? Can’t seem to find any announcement about it at all!


There seems to be a lot broken on Fiverr these days…including their policies.


They did the stars system because sometimes an order isn’t 100% good but it’s not 100% bad either. Stars let you give a buyer a 75% rating (3.5 stars) for example.

I don’t know if this is good or bad, most of my clients give me 5 stars, a few give me 4 or 3 stars. I wonder if under the old system they would have given me thumbs down? In the past, I might got a thumbs up and a nasty review. You’d be surprised.


They haven’t actually properly updated the terms of service. It is just a new way they are dealing with feedback.


Honestly the users on fiverr’s platform this month have really made me want to close my accountdown.
People no longer seem to have the ability to read or add up pricing and the rest of them seem to want to try to scam you or get something for free.

And with fiverr not helping on bad reviews , guess what. You are going to have quality sellers start leaving fiverr. We’ll go from a 100% rating down to whatever I feel like …because I wake up everyday to some rejected order from some client who didnt bother to read that something costs extra or that they made a mistake in their script and wanted us to say something differently … and for free…

No … these people drive me nuts. Fiverr gets too much of our money to sit around and then claim to NOT want to help us with these problem buyers. Guys , fiverr doesnt even have a 1-800 number… what other company takes your $$ or pays you and doesnt have a 1-800 number? I’m done… I hope the review policy isnt how the OP stated it… because if so , shame on you fiverr. You need to help quality sellers at ever turn or your platform will crumble.


It’s honestly sad how some people talk and act towards other human beings. I know it’s worse online, but there are people behind the other side of the screen. Treat people how you want to be treated.


I have tried to clarify some of my doubts regarding the new feedback policy and CS told me both the time I contacted them that feedback will automatically be removed like it used to before if the buyer accepts the refund. They confirmed that mutual cancellation by refunds has not changed and even if the buyer has left the review and if you offer refund and IF he accepts it, feedback will automatically be removed. I am not sure though because I have been reading a lot of complaints here stating the review still remains even after they refund.


Very well said. I agree completely.


Totally agreed.
Perhaps if enough of us made an effort to make fiverr notice while going through the forum, some things change.

Perhaps starting a thread with a pole ?
Perhaps once fiverr sees enough interest they will review the policy once more, or at least the way the handle it ?

Worth a try thats for sure!


First there was the thumbs up/down feedback system. It was simple and it worked! You either dislike the service, or like it. If you feel it was only OK, contact the seller so they can make you like it more.

Then we had to choose from 1 to 5 stars, already making things more complicated.

No we have to rate an order’s three categories from 1 to 5 stars. If we are disappointed with the order or are having a bad day, we must hit 1 stars for each of the categories to give a 1 star rating, even if some of them were handled as described, like communication or service as described. This creates false ratings and is unacceptable, yet approved by support.

But it’s just one of the many faults that would be easy to correct, but all we get is new shiny forums, sound notifications, new even worse feedback policies and useless response rate (Support confirmed that response rate doesn’t have effect on anything and only you see it) that hasn’t worked since it’s inception. :angry:

Let’s hope new year brings new, better things for sellers!


Can you take a screenshot of the discussion where CS told you so?


Yes I can but this whole new forum is very confusing for me. I dont know how exactly I can do so and whether it is allowed or not to post such images. I confirmed twice within few days after the new feedback policy was introduced and they confirmed it.