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Fiverr's New Tip Feature - Great news!


I have several buyers who ask me to pay a tip and I have to send them to my tip gig, but this makes it all inclusive. Love it!

I also now have room for one more gig.

Also, please respond to my new forum post on Buyer Expectations at



Yes, super happy about this!


I was very surprised this morning to find that I got a notification “Your buyer left you a tip!” I was going nuts trying to figure out how long this has been a feature, googling it and couldn’t find anything. Well, I guess because it is new as of today! Fantastic feature Fiverr :slight_smile:


Yes, Nice feature … :slight_smile:


I always left a note about leaving a tip with a link to my tip gig in my delivery message. This makes that whole process even easier!


Ok, this might sound awkward. Who else has never asked or expected any tips nor created any gig for the tips ?


Reply to @kay2809:

That’s not awkward. It’s a perfectly nice way of doing business. I never asked or expected any, but after the fifth customer asked me to create a tip gig because I over-delivered, I created one. Not going to say no to more money.


My Suggestion: I think it’s a great feature to add, but maybe 5-10% max should be taken by Fiverr in this matter/offer and then monitor for fraud.

DTong (TRS)


Reply to @dtongsports: indeed sir I agree with what you say!!!


Awesome feature! I agree with @dtongsports about the commission though. I will be glad to have room for another gig so I’m happy, but Fiverr is really greedy to take 20%. The buyer tips sellers and sellers are forced to tip Fiverr? :-/

Edit: I wrote this the morning the new tip feature went in. Thanks to some business-minded folks, I realized later that it was a necessity for Fiverr to put their commission on tips. Fiverr has to earn money to support the site we make money on. No, they don’t need 20% from our tip jar. Unfortunately, if there was no commission on tips, some sellers would tell buyers that the price for a package deal is $25 and ask the buyer to order a $5 gig and give a $20 tip. Fiverr would then make $1 and the seller makes $24. Honestly, you can argue all day about commission but that would never work. So, to prevent it, Fiverr has to apply commissions on all payments. I support it at this point and the tip feature is way better than a tip gig.


Reply to @kay2809: I actually was hesitant on creating a tip gig for a long time. Then many customers actually brought it up to me that they would like to tip me, so I set up a tip gig since they asked for it!


Reply to @dtongsports: Exactly my thoughts!


Great feature but I don’t understand why Fiverr is dipping into the tip jar? Fraud or no fraud, a dollar out of a fiver is highway robbery. I don’t/never asked nor created a tip gig. If the customer is really happy with your work and is creative enough to know how they can tip you, they will and they have. And worse is, the buyers don’t know that 20% of the tip will go to Fiverr. No one will be foolish enough to tip the maid and add more to cover/pay for the 20% that she has to share with the boss.


Great service for Buyer.Also for seller (maybe)


Reply to @dtongsports: i agree


Reply to @kay2809: I’ve never asked nor expected a tip. I have, however, always left a message that says if I exceed expectations or did a particularly good job, they have the option to leave a tip. It’s good business sense to earn a little extra money for nothing. Like leaving a tip jar on the counter in a bar.


Reply to @dtongsports: It’s a great feature which should increase the number of tips people receive. The deal is that Fiverr take 20% of everything; why should/would this be any different? They’ve built a feature to help people increase revenue. I think it’s fair that they would benefit too!


Reply to @jowelr: nice


Reply to @kay2809:

Not an awkward question at all. I never even thought about myself untill a buyer asked me how he could tip me for my services - that’s when I created a tip gig, but I’ve never expected anyone to leave a tip or posted the link in delivery messages or anything like that.

I am glad to see this tip-thing being implemented though, that’s a really sweet way for buyers to show appreciation if they feel you’ve gone that extra mile.

Maybe I’m mistaken though, but it looks to me like they can’t tip less than 5 dollars? I would be overjoyed with any amount, even 10 cents would be cool :slight_smile: