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Fiverr's obsession with brevity

Headlines are limited to 48 characters.

Messages 1200 characters.

Buyer’s request are limited in number of characters.

File uploads are limited in sizes.

My order amount in dollars is limited to $50 max. WTF?

I mean, why run a business when you want to inconvenience your sellers? Here’s a hint fiverr: If I want to send 12,000 character message, I can send 10 messages. So why don’t you let me decide how many characters my message should be? I mean why this twitter like obsession with only 140 characters? It’s like going to a Pizz restaurant and not being allowed to order more than one slice at a time.

My buyers have to place multiple orders to pay me over $50. Why can’t they be allowed to pay one payment of $100 instead of 2 payments of $50 each? Seriously what are you guys thinking here? Explain.

It just creates more inefficiency to have to do tasks in smaller steps than to get it all done in one single steps.

The headline limit is so people can’t spam up the marketplace.

Let’s say I get mad at Fiverr and post a 400 000 letter headline taking up the entire market page.

Same as the messages. Spam up a seller with a massive message.

You maximum money made on a gig increases with your level. Which is a reward for selling, being loyal to the site and following the rules. It’s not hard to increase to level 2.

Also, limiting your headlines and descriptions forces you to really think about what you want to say or sell instead of writing massively long winded messages.

(Which is what I just did here).

It’s basic marketing 101.

To: bbbilly

No. Your headline should link to your own page somewhere where you have that 400,000 character letter. You can easily link the rest of the post to your own page with further details, paragraph upon paragraph. No problem. Ever been to craigslist? They have no limits on number of characters except for headlines which is understandable, neither does any other sit except Twitter. Funny, they don’t get the spam you talk about. fiverr does not allow buyers to elaborate any further beyond the 120 characters they allow in your buyer request headline. I just think seller’s 48 character limitation is too limiting and needs to be expanded further.

Again, anyone can send multiple messages to anyone, so if I am determined to spam someone, I will do it. And it’s not hard to automate spamming tasks if someone really wanted to do it.

What fiverr needs to do is have the ability to block users, which it doesn’t have. If you are concerned about spam, then ban users or block them instead of making it difficult for the rest of us. Anyone with a 400,000 character post could be easily banned if they do it repeatedly.

And once again, the limitation for $$ amount makes as much sense as not being allowed to order more than one pizza slice. If fiverr wanted to limit my income for being a new seller, then it should nor allow me more than one order per day or something like that. Please don’t confuse inconvenience and limitation. fiverr is not limiting my income. It’s just making buyers pay me in 2 $50 bills instead of one $100 bill. Makes as much sense as ordering one large slice instead of 2 smaller slices or viceversa.

Limiting headline for buyer requests prevents me from being specific. Ever seen a job description with 120 characters or less and no more? That’s what happens when buyers can’t specify more details. Buyers have to respond to 50 people one by one to give them additional specs for the job. Just ridiculous.

Oh, and fiverr decides for me which gigs I should reply the seller with. I have no choice of selecting my own gigs to send to the buyer which causes extreme frustration and confusion in buyer’s minds. I have 15 active gigs. fiverr does not allow me to select my gigs when responding to buyer requests.

If they want to make these improvements, great. This is not a major source of income for me. but I’d like to get things done more efficiently.

In my opinion, a long winded essay on a seller’s page would drive me away. When I order a gig, I would find a gig that has a description that is straight to the point. If the description would take me ten minutes to read, I probably wouldn’t bother. Fiverr simplifies this for the buyer and seller.

The file size regulation can be a bit of a pain, especially if you are like me and deal in large graphic files - they can eat up megabites easily, but that is the only thing that I agree with in your post.

As a level one seller, you should be trying to build up your portfolio, getting good reviews on your gigs, and aiming for a five star rating - it is when you hit level two that you can begin to really bring in the money with more gig extras etc.


I’ve seen it on other things before. Massive headline spam.

Picture this.

" I will draw you a logo and (Now add another 500 letters) for $5 "

One person could take up the entire sales page with 1 gig if they wanted.

The Fiverr sales pages have limited space. A smaller effective Headline helps the seller be specific without adding in stuff that should be on the description… and takes up less virtual real estate.

Same as personal messages. On other sites… let’s say Facebook since this just happened to me.

A guy sent a message that was like 20+ pages long. Way to much. Sure. You can send multiple messages but the incentive is there to keep it shorter.

Plus, I don’t know if you are aware of this… but if you keep sending the same person multiple messages on Fiverr they block your ability to send until they verify it isn’t spam.

The limitation on sellers at low levels is to try and prevent fraud. If you have an unlimited capacity for cash you could in theory order a $5000 dollar gig from a scammer. They can then take out the money after 2 weeks and withdraw it. I know Fiverr has deadlines but usually a simple message to the seller saying “I’ll be a little late” can buy you an extra few days (weeks) time before they get suspicious. 1 gig. Unlimited income potential.

That is why they limit the amount of sales a seller can do. To help prevent that kind of fraud. Once the seller begins establishing their reputation the sales capacity goes up.

Makes sense doesn’t it.

Fiverr also decides which gigs you can respond to via “Buyer Request” to prevent spam in this form.

BUYER REQUEST: Draw me Logo.

So… without limitations I could send them any gig I want. I could send them a gig to “Create a stuffed animal” in the hopes of them deciding they want a stuffed animal… even though their request was for a logo. Multiple that by a zillion Fiverr sellers all just throwing any of their gigs on to maybe get a sale… that’s why Fiverr limits the gigs you can respond with… based on their category and keywords.

Everything is in place for a reason. These are not just random rules to make your life more difficult. Fiverr wants things to be easy for you so they can make more money themselves. But you need rules and policy to “Help” prevent frauds and scams.

The reason for brevity in the headline (Gig title) is that it is used as the file name under which your Gig is stored on their servers. That is also the reason for seeing the “illegal characters message”

This is primarily a $5 marketplace. Fiverr spends an incredibly large amount of money on attracting and retaining customers; therefore, they don’t want to burden them 400,000 characters of text. If I visited a new site that expected me to read such a large amount of text before making a (potentially $5) purchase, I’d never come back.

To quote Albert Einstein, “If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” To continue that thought, if you can’t sell your service within very modest limitations, then you don’t understand it well enough to communicate the value to your buyers.

If space is a problem, hire a copywriter to make it fit.

And then, if you still have a whole lot of stuff to say, upload one or two PDF files into the preview area of your gig and use those PDF files for your detailed explanations.

Reply to @jamesbulls:

jamesbulls said: To quote Albert Einstein, "If you can't explain something simply, you don't understand it well enough." To continue that thought, if you can't sell your service within very modest limitations, then you don't understand it well enough to communicate the value to your buyers.

If space is a problem, hire a copywriter to make it fit.
One of my favorite quotes.

@km0000, You should put your suggestions in the "suggestion box". But to be honest, the priority changes to the site should be more about fixing what doesn't work correctly, not enabling walls of text. Buyers don't want or need clutter.

Reply to @km0000: So, basically, you want this to be a different site just for you. There is a simple solution to that and I can offer it in less than 140 characters: Go.

Also, I used to be involved with craigslist behind the scenes and there was a giant spam issue but the average user saw little of it. Craigslist uses community moderation very efficiently to take care of most of it without a large staff. Anyway, Fiverr could use improvement but your suggestions strike me as the opposite. Good luck!