Fiverr's 'Orders Completed' value calculation is wrong


We’re Level-2 Seller, but in last 60 days, 3 of our orders got cancelled from Client side. All are our returning customers.



Our order completed value was 99-100%. Then one of our client mistakenly placed 2 orders. I said him to cancel 1 order as it was placed because of his mistake and because his money was in escrow. He cancelled, the money was returned to him and our ratings decreased to 87%.

Another returning client, placed order but failed to provide necessary requirements. He wasn’t pro so he requested me to cancel the order for him. I did, he got his money and our rating decreased to 76%.

Today, one of our client ordered our new gig, without reading the description, without reading the FAQs. Placed the order and in requirements, failed to provide the necessary info. He cancelled the order with an apology that he didn’t read the description and FAQs. I accepted his cancellation requested and he got his money back and our order completion was decreased to 67%.


Problem is: All the time, clients admitted in reason of cancellation that it’s their mistake, they initiate the cancellation process, yet our ratings are effected. Why???


With this policy, if anyone hates me or my company, he/she can make an account, place order and then dispute that. Then make a new account, place order, cancel. With just 5 tries, We’ll move from 100% to 50%. I mean it’s a mess. Is this for what Fiverr stands for the Doers? All respect, ratings, money, everything in hands of clients???


From Comment of mctimon: There should be an ACCEPT BUTTON for the Doer to accept the order. Any order cancelled before this point must not harm ratings.

Fiverr must see who cancelled the order. If it’s the client, and client mentioned it’s their mistake, the doers rating must not drop. Similarly, if it’s client’s mistake and client cancel the order before starting it, blaming the doer, the doer should be able to dispute the cancellation reason. If Fiverr doesn’t rectify this problem quickly, good doers who have returning customers will either leave the platform or will go down in the search and ratings, make less-talented doers come above and spoiling the platform.

Umar Farooq
SOLACE Engineers Inc.


even if the order is canceled by seller or buyer the amount of cancellation will be calculated from your over all cancellation but fiverr will not make your gig down or something like that it is just for internal use only for fiverr team & they really check the reason of cancellation so nothing to worry but try your best to that make all things clear before starting to you can avoid cancellation after order is placed :slight_smile:
All the best


But there’s a new policy that you’ll be taken down one level if your cancellation rate is below 90% by your next review. So yes, it now affects the sellers directly. I’m currently in this same situation and it’s quite heartbreaking.


U are right but as i said make all thing clear before taking order so you don’t face this & never says Place your order now on gig always tell buyer to contact you first & have good communication so you know all before starting & have your order completed successfully :slight_smile:


Yeah mistake orders are definitely a problem. Now that cancellations can cause demotion it’ll be good if sellers are protected from mistake orders.

One way would be to give sellers the option to “Accept” the placed order before the order starts (just like the reverse of custom offers). So that whenever the buyer makes a mistake it doesn’t become an order in the first place.

Another option would be for fiverr to ignore cancellations that happen before any delivery is made (or within the first 12 hours of placing the order)… or something.

For now, one solution may be to raise your gig price to $10,000 and mention your gig price in the description. Then ask your buyers to message you so you can send them a custom order. This way at least you can send the order only if you agree, and the buyer will accept order only if s/he agrees.

I haven’t tried this before btw :smile: … just something I’ve been thinking about. Let’s see how it goes.


Thanks for the message but as per Fiverr rules mentioned in this link:

You’ll read this section in the above link, quoted from the article:

Why Is My Order Completion Rate Important?
Keeping a strong Order Completion rate is important because completing as many orders as possible is the way to gain revenue, build relationships with buyers, and grow your business. It is one way for you to track the quality of the service you’re providing on Fiverr, and can also be a factor that influences your Gig’s position in search rankings.


and can also be a factor that influences your Gig’s position in search rankings.

Also Seller’s Level is effected!


Exactly. Same with me. My Level-2 will decrease to Level-1 on Jan,15. And if more cancellations, it can even go beyond :zipper_mouth_face:


Your first 2 suggestions are excellent. I think Accept button is awesome. Not every time a seller is available. Sometimes we have an emergency and forget to pause the GiG. Accept will help everyone. Seller, Buyer, Fiverr!


I really wish something like this could be done. I’ve had to cancel wrong orders severally even when I clearly stated that I should be contacted first before the order is placed. Now I might have to go down to level 1 cos I’m now on 85%.