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Fiverr's ranking algorithm

Does Fiverr ranking algorithm consider stats of my Fiverr forum to rank my gigs?



It’s a common myth that posting on the forum will help you get sales, become a TRS, and what not, but it’s not true.


Yeah I have heard this on how to succeed on Fiverr blogs and books. But according them it is not the stats but what you post and how you represent Fiverr on the forum will help you. I read bunch of other stuff I am not going to share here. :slight_smile:

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Well that’s not accurate at all.

I am a TRS and Pro seller and I would be more than happy to give you more insight than whatever tips and tricks those authors/“gurus” offer.

Feel free to share your tricks and I will go through them one by one.

I think we need to debunk some myths once and for all.


I suspect you may have cause and effect reversed.

I don’t think posting on the forums increases the positioning and rank of Fiverr gigs, instead I believe it’s the other way round - Successful sellers are more likely to post quality information and responses on the forums (compared to sellers who are not as successful.)

Sellers who are successful want to see the platform continue to improve as that brings in more buyers and increases the quality of sellers, and that’s better for the platform, and all the sellers on it. Hence we invest more time in sharing useful information, responding to questions, etc. It helps, in some small way, to increase quality and engagement.

A rising tide lifts all boats.


No, It is not true for gig ranking algorithm.

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I read that the Earth was flat and the Moon was made of cheese - doesn’t mean I believed them.

I have actually bought a few of these ‘guru’ guides to Fiverr in the past. I haven’t yet come across one which doesn’t encourage users to open more than one account. That was the point at which I stopped reading all of them.

BTW - it goes without saying one account is all any user should ever have. Not trying to give anybody ridiculous ideas.

Don’t get me started on ‘the number one way to rank you gig’ - that was nonsense as well, and definitely would get your account closed if found out.


Thank you all great beings for taking time to reply to my questions. I’m quite enjoying these talks.

Thank you!!

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Do you have a team to work with? I was just wondering how you manage the super fast response rate on the forum and also work on your orders on Fiverr at the same time.


I’m retired - lots of free time! :rofl:


I’d love to know more about these Fiverr Gurus. I’m just curious as to whether they have actually worked on Fiverr or posted on the forums.

And as others have said, No. The Forum and the Fiverr website aren’t connected at all.

I once asked whether being on the forum would make it appear as if I were online on the Fiverr website. Obviously the answer was no.

just Awesome! This is the exact answer for the question. Few words but lots of information. I really like it!

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I don’t think posting on the forums increases the positioning and rank of Fiverr gigs

It’s possible that it could, eg. some people might get buyers from the forum (eg. by advertising it in the “My Fiverr Gigs” section). Those who bought the gig after finding it on the forum (eg. advertised there) would then help to improve it’s rank on the main section (depending on sorting criteria).

You and me both Missy. :laughing: But somedays I feel like I have less free time than before I retired. :wink:

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Maybe, maybe not. :thinking: Many people here are like myself and do not follow “My Fiverr Gigs”. It gets to be too much to keep up with those posts. I just zipped over there to see how many of them have responses. There are many, many that have no response at all. :zipper_mouth_face:

But they don’t need a response on the forum for someone to see the ad, go to the gig and buy it. Also some people have said they bought gigs from people who were on the forum. Fiverr doesn’t publish stats of gigs bought where a link was followed from the forum, but it probably isn’t zero, so should have some effect (though it could also have a negative effect where sales are reduced by posting on the forum).

Let’s not try to make this what it’s definitely not.

8/10 users who post here are sellers.

Not buyers shopping around.

To put a different spin on this, posting your gig here on the forum may result in sellers checking it out, out of curiosity. (Or to check out the competition)

None of them will buy though.

Which will in turn be translated by the system as a gig that people click, but do not buy.

So conversion is bad, so the gig is not performing, so the sustem kinda sorta buries it in the results.


Do you have stats from Fiverr that show that is accurate? That no one ever buys a gig after first following a link from the forum? Or adds it to their “Favourites” and buy it at a later time?

You took a snippet of my response out of context.

Read each sentence in succession. Follow the point by point logic. Clicking out of curiosity dows not convert. I always click on people’s links here because I want to see what they offer. I will never purchase though. When I want to purchase something I go to Fiverr’s search and follow a different process.

If you are a seller and sell seo here, and you click on a edit your image gig out of curiosity why would you buy?

How many impulse buyers do you think are here on the forum?

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So you agree that that statement isn’t factual or that you have no way of knowing whether it is factual. It was just a guess you made. In reality posting an ad for a gig here is likely to have some effect (whether increasing sales of some gigs or possibly decreasing them). Posting on the forum (including in “My Fiverr Gigs” section) is unlikely to have no affect whatsoever on gigs being bought (in general). Posting an ad may not cause some gigs to be bought but it is likely to have caused some gigs to have been bought, which could also have led to further sales.