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Fiverr's Recent bugs-June 2018

Hello all,
I just noticed two issues with Fiverr.

  1. There used to be a button “Show all notifications” when we click on Notification drop-down. This was similar to “See all in inbox” button when we go to click Inbox drop-down. Now the “Show all notifications” button does not exist so you can’t check the list of all notifications. S

    ee attached screenshot.

  2. The Fiverr’s Header used to be static. When you moved down a page, the header used to appear at the top even you navigate on a page. However, it’s not like that anymore. When you move down a page, the header disappears.

Did you also see these bugs? or it’s just the case with my account?


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Yes i also see this bug when i go to down then header of fiverr disappear and when click again go to top. i think they are working on website.

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Thank you for confirmation.

Also facing this issue. Once my notification gone down and I can’t find where is my notification is because there was no option to see your all notifications. SO I opened my app to see that notification.

May be fiverr has hide it somewhere else and we don’t know :smiley: