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Fiverr's rediculous rating dispute procedure

I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem. Perhaps if you are very active seller and have a ton of ratings, it may not matter as much as someone like me who has only a few orders as a seller. I buy more than I sell currently but I am new. My first gig went well…got a great review. Getting repeat biz from him.

Another seller contacted me about a gig for a client. My gig didn’t exactly fit his needs, so he wrote me and asked me specifically if I could integrate two things with MailChimp (my gig involves mailchimp automations, so figured why he reached out) Of the two items he wanted integrated, I clearly said yes. It was WP. The other he wanted integration was not even possible. There was no formal integration between the two…you could only export/import data.I made it VERY clear in my reply back. They agreed to the gig of the one integration. I clearly spelled out on the custom order the steps I would do. It was a simple job…perhaps 20 mins of my time. I completed the integration. I actually threw in an HTML welcome template to replace the basic text welcome they had on their old mail platform. Was not expecting to do that but since we had to switch to MC…no biggie…got it all done. Explained to the buyer I was done. They then asked about the 2nd integration. I explained that was not on the order because the integration…as I told him twice already was NOT EVEN POSSIBLE.

He then insisted I do that integration or I should only accept a smaller fee OR cancel and he would find someone else to do the work. I had to repeatedly explain that what he was asking was NOT POSSIBLE. I even contact both MC and the other program to verify…No…there was no way. He claimed another seller would be able to do this integration for him. The seller would not reveal how until he paid for the gig. I didn’t see how he would be able to…but I told him I did the work he agreed to by accepting this order. That other item was clearly not on the gig so therefore he really had no leg to stand on when it came to disputing it. He then cried that he was only getting paid a certain amount for the gig and he wouldn’t have enough money to go elsewhere (which he still wouldn’t believe he cannot be done) but for the small amount of this gig in the 1st place, I told him there was no dispute.FIverr would agree with me, so they finally begrudgingly paid my full amount for the work completed.

Unfortunately since then has been a nightmare. They gave me 2 star rating and wrote false information about the gig and what I had agreed to. I knew they would not rewrite if I disputed so I reached out to Fiverr to ask them to review my communications and remove this. I only have two reviews…so my 5 star rating was not 3. Fiverr agreed and removed it. I noticed a few days later, he put another review…just as bad. I went back to fiverr and asked how they would be able to do another review on this order. They explained that the buyer has 30 days to review an order. SO they basically allow a buyer to keep rating this order as many times as they want EVEN when the rating was already disputed and removed. I am on the 4th removal. I think the gig time ends in a few days…but for someone like me just building my reputation here, it has hurt my gig offers. I was getting a few requests a day…now…nothing…

This is a really stupid policy of Fiverr to allow a disputed gig to stay open. I think this seller/buyer is pulling a scam. They had a clear command of english so I cannot blame it on comprehension issues…well until they claimed I should have told them TWICE that I couldn’t do the 2nd integration!! I DID…and it really should have been crystal clear to them from my very first response back that it was not possible to do. If there was a way…I would have gladly set up the integration.

Anyone else have this issue? I hope Fiverr figures out a way to fix this. Once they agree it is in dispute…shut the damn order down from further comment.

This has been so not worth my time already. Never accepting this alleged “quick” little projects…nightmare!


Sorry, I just could not get through your post. Perhaps dividing it into paragraphs would help, or maybe you just wanted to post it to get it off your chest. If so, hope it helped.


I think all sellers on Fiverr will experience this exact problem at some point. I am waiting on an evil review right now from a similar buyer. I initially blocked them because they sent me 17 spam messages asking for my Skype ID. They then got around this block by placing an order and asking for it again. In response, I said I don’t have one. The buyer then sent me some text which they wanted rewriting and I returned this to them within 24-hours. Now the buyer is saying that it is not good enough and they want to cancel. I’m saying no as this buyer hasn’t even attempted to disguise the fact that they are a scammer.

Of course, I can take the hit with a 1-star review better than you can. I must say, however, that credit should be given to Fiverr here for repeatedly removing this review for you. Even in a case where I refused to upload a buyers work to their Wordpress site (since I don’t offer this service) Fiverr asked me to try and work toward a solution with the buyer directly.

All I can suggest is that you take advantage of Fiverr’s humility and keep on asking CS to remove the review every time it appears. At least this way, you are protecting your reputation.


Another option instead of removing is to make a response to the buyer review and explain as much as possible exactly what happened, so it can be viewed by potential buyers. Though as the gig is very new, it’s still probably best if you can continue asking CS to remove it if it’s not representative of what actually occurred.

But I agree, if Fiverr can remove reviews they should have a way to stop the review from being re-added.


I’m so sorry that happened to you. It sounds like you really went above and beyond to try and help this person out. That stinks and I would be mad too. I really hope it works out for you. At least you can leave your side of the story under his review for future buyers to see.

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Also your ability to send offers to Buyers Requests, if I´m not mistaken, is tied to the review rate. I think the same as Cy and uk1000, better keep asking CS to remove that unfair repeat-review, to protect all that.

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Sometimes it happens but certainly the others getting the benefit as well