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Fiverr's response time needs to take time zones into consideration

Can someone assist me with information on how to stop the Fiverr clock for response time during the nights while you are asleep and unable to respond to messages from buyers’ who are in different time zones? I think when it comes to this response time thing, Fiverr needs to take the difference in time zones into consideration.

You have 24 hours to respond. You can answer and sleep both with this amount of time.
Time zones have nothing to do with the response time. It’s simply 24 hours that you have to answer.

Misscrystal thanks for your response but I don’t think this is the case all the time. I just had my timing moved from 2 hours to 4 hours after awakening to two overnight messages.

As @misscrystal said: “You have 24 hours to respond. You can answer and sleep both with this amount of time.” – Time zones do not matter. The 24 hours is a countdown timer of sorts, and doesn’t care about time zones. 24 hours is 24 hours.

Just saw a seller profile today where average response time was 7 days, so seems like the counter extends well beyond 24 hours. Guessing the 24 hour only applies to response rate calc.

Responding within 24 hours on average is pretty much expected though as were used to getting everything instantly these days.

Don’t worry about response time.

I respond to all messages within an hour of them coming in. I have a 75% response rate.

That’s too long to respond to a message.

It means you took 4 hours to answer on average. This is not due to a time zone difference.

Misscrystal I am always on the lookout for messages so the 4 hour average is definitely not true. Anywa, Thanks for the response

Thanks ryangillam, at least I am not alone with Fiverr’s glitches.

Thanks for your response mgjohn78, much appreciated.

What’s wrong with having an average RR of 9-13 hours anyway? That’s mine, and that’s because I do mine twice a day. Half the time I don’t even respond immediately (those are the useless ones) because I’m thinking about my response.

Honestly, it’s a dumb, broken metric that spam messages you can’t respond to break, and you shouldn’t care about it. As for the time zone thing, eh, 24 hours is plenty of time. It doesn’t matter.

Thanks Jonah’s for responding.

The 4 hours may not be correct but not because of anything to do with time zones.

I answer promptly and you are right, it is useless. I’m going to start waiting a while to answer.

My name is “Jon”. :wink: