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Fiverr's Rising Talent made a difference

Hello Everyone!

I created four Gigs. Fiverr chosen one of my gigs and badge it as “Rising Talent”. I realized huge difference in impression/views/clicks and got market exposer.

Though the badge was temporary (around a month) but I liked this experience.

I want to thanks Fiverr for this.


Can you tell us about your rating and reviews?
When you join fiverr and how much projects you completed?
Simply, I want to know how can we qualify for rising talent?

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It is explained here:


Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your experience!


Thank you for your assistance.


Wow! This is indeed great, how I wish I can be given the opportunity as well. I did be grateful!

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Hello Dear,

First, thank you very much for your wishes.

Here is what I want to share about getting “Rising Talent” badge.

Fiverr handpicks any Gig as per their norms and badge it with “Rising Talent”, It is not related to numbers of projects and reviews directly. I think what Gig is good as per their criteria they select that for “Rising Talent”. What we can do, just follow and meet the best with the guidelines they provide when creating a Gig.

What I understand, our Gig should be very specific and concise to our work.

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Kindly, share your gig link.

@babii_designs Gig links are not allowed in this category.

See the: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's

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Oh! Sorry…

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