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Fiverr's Search is a conundrum

I actually have been wondering how the fiverr search works, I see lots of new arrivals and People with just single reviews appearing up above my own Gig. And i realised that they don’t have super keywords, or even level 1 sellers yet. Some of them haven’t even sold Gigs in over a year, yet they are on the first page of search. This is really confusing; what really is the criteria for ranking high up on search. I’ve been on Fiverr for almost a month, and i have sold 4 Gigs with 5-star ratings for each. Gurus on Fiverr please your thoughts are welcome.

No one has the answer to your question aside from fiverr staff and they keep it a secret.
If anyone comes along and acts like they have the answer don’t believe it.

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Search produces you the results in two ways. You will see the recommended sellers. It includes new sellers and featured seller in the top rows. If you go by rating/reviews, you will not see these new sellers but sellers having enough feedback.