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Over the last couple of weeks, I have experienced less than the usual influx of orders which led to me deep research. There’s something I noticed which I seem to have no explanation for.

I noticed that while my best performing gig is my SEO writing, my profile SEO (seen on the browser tab) displays “zubyarchangel | Website Builders and CMS” (username | niche)
This also seems to affect the number of buyers request I get to see with regards any type of writing which happens to be my specialty.

PS: I also provide IT solutions… My question, is it possible to change this to be inline with my niche which has to do more with writing?


It doesn’t really matter what your profile browser tab says, it is the SEO on your gig pages that matter most. Those gigs are how you bring in targeted customers. Your profile is just the on-Fiverr place where all your gigs are featured. That’s why it’s called a “profile”. Most buyers are never going to see your profile, because they are looking for the specific services of your gig(s), not your all-gigs-listed profile page.


Thanks for this :slight_smile: