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Fiverr's stance on academic writing


I have seen and gone through fiverr’s policy and TOS. I appreciate the fact that fiverr is against the use of its platform for academic writing purposes. Yet I see numerous gigs offering those services and numerous buyers asking for such services.

Why are they still there? Why has fiverr not dealt with them by now? Its about time I guess!

Why such a slow rate!!!


I understand how frustrating this can be, but don’t assume Fiverr isn’t doing anything. I know of dozens of examples of seller gigs being removed that offered academic writing services. This, however, is a lengthy process – tracking them all down, and removing them from the site.

Please be patient. Fiverr is taking care of the situation.

In the meantime, why does it worry you what other people are doing?


I don’t believe this platform was made for unethical services like this that’s why.

I hope they are because I still see a lot of such gigs by simply searching research and summaries :smiley:


Thank you for standing up for good. Now, back to building your own gigs, and making THEM successful. :wink:


You’re welcome. Hooyah!


Then you haven’t used this platform for long. Fiverr used to tolerate EVERYTHING- paid reviews, academic writing, a satanic reading gig, etc.

I wonder if editing and proofreading will be the next category that gets persecuted? Or maybe article writing?


It all started when pewdipie did his youtube video of buying those gigs from the funnyguys, along with the Amazon lawsuit of paid reviewers. That’s when they started looking at gigs with a more critical eye.


It was such an overreaction by Fiverr. Pewdiepie did us a huge favor by hiring funnyguys. He has a huge audience, and the controversy went global.

The lawsuits by Amazon I understand, nobody likes getting sued. But academic papers? Who’s going to sue? High school teachers? College professors? My best friend used to write essays for money, it was all word of mouth, he would guarantee an A and get paid $100 to $300. My college was full of rich kids, and he needed the money.

Is it unethical? Only for the buyer, not the seller. The seller does the job he’s paid to do. A smart seller like a good lawyer knows what questions to ask and what not to ask.


Fiverr is sensitive to criticism now and they don’t want any negative publicity. I’m sure it may have to do with being a big growing company on the world stage, looking to go public some day, or keep the approval of those big investors.

You can’t really blame fiverr for reacting as it did to that message funnyguys held up. But as it turned out, it was better publicity than anything they could have hired a PR company to do.


I guess you’re right. While I’m a free speech absolutist, I understand if Fiverr isn’t. I just hope they don’t end up like Twitter, Twitter hasn’t grown in years.

Fiverr became popular because it was easy and flexible, they need to remember that. A lot of social media companies (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) forget that it’s the users that make them. Censor the users too much, and you will lose them.


Fiver used to need every seller it had when I first started which was about two years after fiverr started. They couldn’t afford to be choosy.

Now fiverr has millions of sellers and doesn’t care if they lose half of them. The thing is how to weed out the awful ones from the good ones. Us good ones should be allowed to have two accounts. We could have two different types of gigs.


I think fiverr give a chance and people take wrong advantage of this.
I mean when a person make a gig of such type, fiverr do not delete his accounts but only deny his gig and give him chance to still stay on fiverr.
People keep on making such gigs and at the end they loss their account too.


For some new sellers they grow into good talented sellers in a few months. Other never catch on or develop their abilities.

There are a tremendous number of level 2 sellers and some may not deserve to be more than level 1 sellers.


My problem is that good sellers are going to be weeded out. Not everyone can keep a 90% order completion rate and a 4.8 review minimum. My most popular gig is at 4.6 right now. What am I to do? Delete that gig? That’s not realistic.

I’m lucky that I have many other gigs at 4.9, 5.0, etc, but those gigs are small potatoes, they don’t make me the bulk of my money.

I supposed I could delete the low performers at 4.6. This could prevent bad reviews in the future and eventually raise my ratings.

Of course! This is why I’m bothered with Fiverr’s new changes! I shouldn’t have to worry about such things! I should be free to have whatever gigs I have and concentrate on delivering orders.

Instead of that, now I have to waste time figuring out which gigs to delete, which is going to cost me money.


due to 20% commission :slight_smile:


While Fivveris a private company and has the ability to regulate their platform, it is a simple concept of exchange. I provide a service, someone chooses to use the service. They know its unethical, but its their choice. They are only paying multiple times over to hurt themselves.


Should Fiverr also allow assassination or bank robbing or forging documents or selling drugs as services?


It’s not a private transaction between buyer and seller. It’s on a website who’s owners get to decide what the site will and won’t be used for.


Those are not services and they violate basic property rights. Not only that but that would be advocating for the physical harm of another. I do not think that it is the same thing to pay some one to write an essay for you and to murder them.


It is a private transaction. However, you are correct that Fivver can regulate transactions on their platform. Another step further, they have allowed us to have a discussion about this, which led me to voice my opinion.

I do not believe in utilizing force to compell them to allow this service. Still, I do not believe that it is should be banned.