Fiverr's support won't remove my old live portfolio videos


Hey fiverrs, I just wanted to rant and get your advice. For one of my gigs, I now have better lighting and a better background. When I was in college, the quality wasn’t my best, and I’m really not proud of those videos. While I got positive ratings for those videos, I don’t want them to show publicly on my portfolio anymore. I contacted support and asked them how to go about removing live portfolio videos that exist, and they said to let them know which ones I want to be removed. Well, I took the time to go through and get all like 30 videos I want to be removed. Support messaged me back after a whole day telling me it was not possible to remove all of them!! I am very disappointed. While I realize that they are busy, it is very important to me to remove those videos, and I can not do it myself. I have brought a lot of business to the site, and feel like they aren’t treating me as they should. It’s frustrating, but now I think I will make a new request and send 5 at a time. Thoughts?


OMG a TRS got shafted by CS. hahaha.

I believe there is very little CS can physically do. They hired a firm to build the software you currently call fiverr. The don’t currently have the expertise to complete some actions becuase those support functions were not built into the software. What happened is CS said ok we can do this then found out they couldn’t do it. Thats why you recieved the follow up saying they couldn’t.


Reply to @seemydeath: I’ve had them remove a video before, and they did it. The problem is obviously the amount of removals I want, and I understand that it will take a long time, but it’s their job. If they gave sellers to option to do it ourselves, I would do it, but they made it so that we have to contact them so they should do it!