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Fiverr's TERRIBLE, Awful, No Good, Very Bad Customer Service

Why, why, why is it so hard to actually get ANY customer support from the Fiverr CS Team? In the many years I have been a seller on Fiverr, if ever an issue comes up, I would reach out in hopes of receiving a shred of assistance.


All they ever do is send a robotic reply about their so-called system’s rules or some other nonsense that is ALWAYS slanted toward the buyers.

Why bother having a Customer Support team if they offer nothing but stock replies and no personal service whatsoever.

Maybe it’s just me, but, they honestly suck.


I assume something must have happened to make you write this post.


Not my personal experience. It’s actually been a long while since I’ve got a template request from them. I don’t have super complicated issues though, mostly just cancelling orders and such.

Even when they don’t give me the answer I was expecting, they still make it clear why, so no complaints from me.

One trend I’ve noticed with people complaining about CS is they tend to get very emotional/personal.

Write, whatever your request is, in a clear, brief and professional tone. Attach supporting documents if applicable. That’s what I’ve always done and have had no problems so far.

Good luck!


Well, I always initiate my request for help with a calm and thorough explanation of the issue. To this I’ve always been met with a boilerplate reply that seemingly ignores any personal questions and makes no attempt to resolve the problem at all. Their stock reply seems to be, “that’s how our system works. There’s nothing we can do about it.”

I then try to curtail my frustration. However, they do not make it easy.


It’s truly not even the point that something happened. It’s more that if and when something happens, I have never received any support from Fiverr. Again and again. I just don’t understand this mode of behavior. Why aggravate your sellers? Why not offer professional and personalized assistance? Perhaps they are not schooled in this type of responsiveness.
They sure know how to take our money, though.

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They sure do! It’s ridiculous!


True they charge 20 % from sellers and they also charge few dollars as service charge from buyers, it’s their duty to provide proper assistance.


Exactly. Or, at the very least, make a legitimate attempt to resolve the issue. I don’t need anyone to link me to their rules of engagement. I can read. Sometimes the issues are more involved and don’t fit neatly into the parameters of their sacred regulations. For the money they skim they should be willing to actually help out when it is requested.


Yes, 20 % commission is not less at all for order with large amounts, they make a lot of money, even if they make it not a problem, but atleast they should provide proper support for the order commission they take.

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That’s not my experience at all - quite the opposite!!! CS has always been very helpful, professional and super kind with me! Always!


Consider yourself lucky, I guess. For me they have always been useless, annoying and highly unprofessional.


You are not the only one!! i have faced same issue from past 2 years now, before that CS was really nice. Now they dont give a crap, they will keep sending you same copy paste messages. If you query is about A and B, their replies are about Y and Z, completely irrelevant, after flipping at them they reply back properly. I have got about 20 30 tickets opened, they dont bother replying for months. CS are the worst at the moment, i dont know what they get paid for!!


It’s 50% / 50% for me. When it’s good, it’s very good. Everyone’s polite, the issues are getting resolved quickly, advice is on point.

When it’s bad, it’s me closing the ticket out of frustration because the agent doesn’t speak English well and just responds with randomly generated sentences.


Do others besides me get a survey sent to their email after they contact customer support, and do they fill it out?

Yes, and I filled it out.


I wonder who sees that or what it is used for exactly.

I had a puzzling experience a few months ago. I saw a gig with personal contact information in it right in the description. I reported that twice but it was still there, nothing was done. First I was told that it would definitely be removed and was not allowed. Then the second time I asked about it was as if nothing had ever been done the first time. It was strange.

To this day, that gig invites people to contact the seller by email before ordering. I’m not sure what was going on but it seems that what I reported was simply ignored. It’s glaringly against the rules. :grey_question: I try to ignore rule violations I see in gigs now.

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It might be a part of the internal evaluation process of their agents, maybe in an effort to provide better CS services.

For this you can probably blame the thousands of sellers who create ticket after ticket asking for help, orders, money, and various other things which are nothing to do with support along with others who make tickets for things they could google/find in the seller info area/forum.

That’s why the template answers came into being some time back. Before that it was always a personalized answer but the sheer volume of new sellers on Fiverr (many of which will never sell anything) in the past couple of years, it takes a different system to deal with them now.

My own experience has generally been positive though. Occasionally an irrelevant template answer but then the second message would usually be personalized. I find brevity, clarity and screenshots where required tend to give a much better response by the way.


I feel bad for customer support agents if it’s anything like the forum.


There are tons of sellers on the forum who talk about discussing things like the algorithm with support. As if the support staff are going to have any insider knowledge on that. They would could sell or use any real info they have for far more than their annual salary.