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Fiverr's Terrible Customer Service


Am I the only one dealing with this horrendous customer service? Fiverr cancelled an order I had already delivered to the customer and now they won’t reply back to me. I had already delivered this order so the customer can be using the spreadsheet that I sent and didn’t have to pay a thing. There was no arbitration process, in fact Fiverr didn’t even consult with me before they canceled the order. I have been trying to get this resolved with Kenn (Fiverr Customer Support) and it still shows open but I haven’t heard anything back since May 18th. I’m just curious if anyone else has a similar story or issue with Fiverr customer service. Btw my tip for sellers is be very carful Fiverr can cancel an order on you at any time even after you have delivered it.


Sad to know this but my experience with the fiverr team was great…they replied me instantly and accurately on time … and as long as cancellation is concern then i think there is mutual cancellation option on fiverr where cancellation is only possible if it is accepted by both the buyer and the seller…


What you are describing with a no-mediation cancellation sounds like the buyer pulled a fast one on you and Fiverr. What they probably did is to contact
PayPal or their bank credit card and dispute the transaction. Fiverr can’t stop them from doing that and everybody foreseen it happens. You and Fiverr both lose their payment and Fiverr shuts down the buyer account because they broke ToS. Check and see if the buyer still has an account.

It’s very unusual for a ticket to be unanswered since May. I get responses within 2 days at most. Did you check in your junk mail folder or deleted mail.


I’m guessing this helped move it along, I sent reply after reply on the ticket with no response, today I posted this and I heard back. Glad I decided to post this instead of just waiting for Kenn to reply


As I know fiverr support is excellent, there may be reasons for their negligence


Honestly every time I had contacted Fiverr Customer Service Team everything was find and smooth.They solved all of my problems that I had with fast response and with a lot of professionalism!


They’re pretty good to me. Just as well, as my current insane buyer now wants to cancel instead of sending modification request in type (they printed out my work and made editing notes in bad handwriting that I could barely read). But yes, @fonthaunt’s on the money.


So how long should a person wait for a proper response? I logged a ticket with them 22hours ago as I had an issue purchasing a gig using bitcoin and the time allotted expired before the transaction went through cause my wallet do manual transactions for security purposes. But after the time given expired, the transaction went through. Now I paid for a gig I didn’t get. Contacted the seller and she said I had to contact support. So how long am I suppose to wait???


yes… horrible customer service… I brought my issue here- hoping to get some sort of help… the seller is waiting for my payment-- im waiting for the purchase confirmation to go through which is sent 2x! and emailed customer service… 3 x… and basically got “we are trying our best” type of response… how is that gonna answer the issue… :frowning:


Do you meant the buyer you talked about in “The Ranting Pot” section?


If you send one calmly and politely worded ticket, usually it’s about 48 hours though it depends on how many tickets they have. Some people send 2-3 tickets for one issue which slows it down for everyone.


I have generally been very happy with customer support.


sorry but I completely disagree with you. Fiverr support is one of the best support I ever seen. They are very cooperative, i don’t know what happen in your case, yes support can cancel order anytime but not without reason. Also fiverr gives upper hand to buyers, so sometime it cause trouble but nothing is perfect take it as a part of work.


Yeah. They didn’t respond until CS wrote back and they’ve gone from “plz mod” to “THIS WORK IS THE WORST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN”. Well, OK, so I just did the mods based on the awful pic and sent it back.

I’m sure the drama ain’t finished!


Sounds like the buyer hit you with a PayPal chargeback. It happens, and apparently Fiverr can’t do anything about. There are cynics who say that Fiverr just rolls over for PayPal, but seeing as Fiverr is losing money on it, I doubt they’re happy with this scenario, either.


Do not worry. Fiverr’s customer support 90% is great. It happened to me. write something there and they will see it. Due to many messages they leave some open i dont know why. They maybe forget them. Write something there and they will respond within hours.


Well two days have past now and still yet to see any response. Thank you admin. I only logged the one ticket. So I’m still waiting. I tweeted my request number Request #1491866 to them. Still waiting. So frustrating when you see your request on open status after 2 days. Anyway I guess I just have to wait :frowning:


3.5 “satisfactory” review. Insane. Oh well, they will slide into obscurity and I’ll never have to deal with them again. But go take a look at their name and make a note of it. Insane.


This is one for Bob to handle.


It’s been 3 days now. Still no answer and guess what now my ticket has been moved from Eddie to Hugo but still in open status and still no response from them and still unresolved and I still paid for a gig I didn’t get. So what now? Should I still smile and say customer service is great and be patient??? You be the judge :frowning: