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Fiverr's TOS Violation - I didn't do anything, why are they warning me?

I just received the following email:

"We noticed you linked to an external site within your profile/Gig. In general, we do not allow the use of external links on Fiverr. However, we do allow you to display links to your work samples in your Gig portfolio. Please see our approved URLs list. For more information, please review our Terms of Service.

This is your first reminder. Another violation of Fiverr’s TOS will affect your eligibility to achieve a level one seller badge.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out at"

The thing is that I don’t have any external links in my profile or in my gigs, so I don’t know why they’re giving me this warning. I don’t want to risk my account being limited. It seems ridiculous to me that they won’t specify where the link is or what it is, so I can fix it. I can’t find anything on my profile, so I don’t know what to do and I don’t understand what this is about.

What’s more, the link to the approved URLs list doesn’t work and I can’t find it anywhere else.

What can I do to clarify this? I don’t want any unnecessary trouble

Check your all gigs properly. If you don’t find anything like that. You can contact with Fiverr CS and tell them about this. I hope they will review your gigs and give you a solution. Good luck. :slight_smile:


Allowed URLs - they’re at the bottom of the page:


If you do not have any external links (on gig or description) then please contact CS and discuss this with them.

Only CS can help you.

Anyway, you ever used any external link in conversation with clients? or in your gig requirements?

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