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Fiverr's unfair feedback removal policy


Hi, I’m Ferid, graphic and website designer from Sarajevo. I’m a Fiverr member from December 2014.

This is my first forum post and I’m sorry I’ll have to start on a bad note. :rage:

I have done 300+ orders and have an almost unanimous 5-star review for most of my feedbacks. I have around 270 5-star reviews for all of my gigs.

Recently, when Fiverr was having some issues with maintenance, I’ve got an order for my best-selling gig. It’s an express gig that starts immediately after the order has been placed. This was my mistake to not put any requirement, but I didn’t have an experience like this before. :pensive:

The buyer didn’t give me any info on what should I do. So I’ve asked her on the order page. She didn’t reply for 6 days, and after she replied to that order with necessary info, I didn’t get any notification. She then canceled order, which resulted in 1-star review.

I contacted her, and she said she didn’t want to leave that kind of review, but just to cancel that order to start a new one. I’ve explained to her how to access the customer support, and she willingly wrote them a ticket.

I wrote them a ticket before that - explaining that I couldn’t possibly deliver this order in time and that this review DOES NOT reflect buyer’s opinion. They’ve answered me with the plain, predefined text - saying that they only remove feedback if it violates their ToS and that I shouldn’t solicit feedback change for refunds, discounts, upgrades or any other type of additional benefit.

This buyer has got the similar answer, and she contacts me to let me know they won’t remove this feedback and that she actually wrote follow-up message explaining the situation further.

After I wrote follow-up message, the guy with nickname Marty just uses copy/paste method, without looking into this.

Then, I explain him politely (although I was pretty angry at this point) how I couldn’t possibly deliver this order in time, that this buyer doesn’t want to leave a 1-star review, that I did nothing to deserve it. I’ve asked him finally to either take a look into this or to assign me to someone else.

So he assigned me with the other guy - James, who just writes what the previous guy was writing. They cannot remove this feedback because I didn’t deliver this order in time. :rage: :grimacing: :bulb:

They don’t even want to hear buyers opinion.

This way - they’re creating an ambient where Fiverr is purposely lowering my rating - contradicting their buyer’s opinion.

I’ve resolved all of my previous issues much faster and I was really satisfied with their customer support until now.

I hope they don’t continue on this path…



You are right, but your rating will eventually get back to 5 again… so if nothing helps, have a cup of tea and washout this bad experience…


Hi Ferid,
Well its unfortunate you’ve had this experience.

The rating that was left was AUTOMATIC and done by the Fiverr system, not by the seller.

Plus for future references, there has been a recent change in policy by Fiverr so you may wish to read this thread:


It’s not that much about that 5-star rating, but I honestly hate the way they treat you and don’t look into these things.

As for a cup of tea, will do! :grin: Thanks!


Yup, I know that it was an automatic feedback by their system and not by the buyer. I also get that they’re trying to IMPOSE that new IMMORTAL FEEDBACK system :joy: ,but this doesn’t reflect buyer’s opinion. And why do they have feedback if not for buyers to express their opinions? Just my opinion.

I’ve read your topic. Nice.


Update: With their last reply, they’ve basically said: “We know buyer doesn’t want to give this feedback and you didn’t get necessary info in time. Meh, we don’t care, we won’t remove this”

Of course, they haven’t said this that way, but that’s pretty much their point.


I’m sorry this happened to you!

I want to point out that in the future to prevent this don’t wait six days or even one day if the buyer is not responding, cancel the order.

You have that clock ticking and do not let it sit there and go late just because of an unresponsive buyer. See that you get the information you need fast. If you do not, then you have no choice but to cancel it.

Get the information, do the job and deliver it all within the time you have.
Otherwise, no matter whose fault it is, you will get this automatic one star.


Yeah, I was thinking the same today. From now on, I’ll just cancel the order immediately after countdown says late.

I usually don’t wait that long, but buyer ordered this gig when there was ongoing maintenance or whatever they were doing. I know I couldn’t contact anyone, so I thought perhaps that happened to her. And we’ve done some orders previously. I don’t blame her for the review since she didn’t know that cancellation will end up in 1-star review.

Although, even cancellation is not the best option since you end up with higher cancellation rate for nothing.

IMO, they should implement a new way for cancellation. It shouldn’t leave an automatic review. It should ask buyer if he/she wants to leave review.


Why don’t you just use the “Requirements” section to get information from your buyers? I’m hearing that the clock doesn’t start ticking until the buyer gives the requested information.


I’ve now added them, but theoretically, buyer can still not give you the info. Hi can just write “Hi”, and the order will start.


I just had this happen to me too! They are telling me like they’ve told you that they recently updated their policy which is why they won’t remove it despite the buyer and I wanting it removed. But actually I never thought this was an issue because even customer support removed a feedback both me and the buyer did not want in November 2017. Considering you had this issue all the way back in March, that means they removed my feedback despite their new policy. I feel now it just depends on if you get a nice customer support person or someone who’d rather just use the copy/paste response and go on with his day.

And of course they are giving me advice on how to prevent this situation from happening in the future. I can’t control the actions of the buyers and I know what I can do on my end to prevent it from happening. But I didn’t even think to prevent such a situation because customer support DID help me in the past (again after the policy update). You can’t avoid a problem you don’t see coming in the first place :angry:

Yeah they just want to wash their hands from dealing with sellers/buyers problems. But they fail to realize it’s their own system that is creating more issues in the first place. And what is the purpose of customer support if all they are there for is to say “we can’t help you” :joy:


Hi, this is from one year and eight months ago so you may want to start a new thread about it.


I kind of want to make a new thread addressing the new feedback removal policy but then again i kind of don’t want to get introuble lol


You can’t have it both ways lol



That’s the Fiverr CS mantra. In so many words it goes…“sorry - not sorry.”