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Fiverr's watermark doesn't go away even when the order's accepted

Hello! So I just want to ask if there are other sellers out there who experienced having clients asking for works without fiverr’s watermark. I’ve just finished delivering three orders for this one client and every order has been accepted. The first time they asked me about the watermark removal was when I delivered the first order and I explained how they should try accepting the order first since it’s a security feauture added by the platform. It seems like it worked since they ordered again and left nice feedback. It’s just that they messaged me again today asking me the same thing and I quote:
“Can I get this image without the Fiverr markings? Every time I download it it has the watermarks across it.”
Any suggestions on this? Thoughts? Thanks for your time.


It’s a bug, it might happen, in my gig requierement I prevent buyer that it might happen that watermark remains on videos and then I would deliver through a dropbox.


ok, thanks, gotta inform my buyer then. :slight_smile: