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Fiverr's weird flex, but okay!


According to Fiverr’s Terms of Service:

Sellers may not promote their Gigs or any Fiverr content via the AdWords platform.

and what image they are representing in one of their popup messages? A google search result (in other words, Google text ads)



Could you please explain what that is you are showing in the graphic?


So what fiverr is showing in the message is to reach more customers and increase online presence.
And the image is an example of google search result… (like a normal search that you do on a daily basis)

But the thing is to increase the online presence and boost customers we need to run the advertisements on google to get top ads in a search result like the above image in the popup. The point is “To show yourself in the Google search result, you need to run ads.” For example, when someone will search for freelancers in the specific niche then Google does not show the fiverr’s freelancer usernames like “”. It will only show If we want Google to show “” then we need to run ads.

And according to Fiverr’s Terms of service, Sellers may not promote their Gigs or any Fiverr content via the AdWords platform.


I think it’s basically an advert for trying get you to buy the search engine optimization (SEO) gigs to promote your business/site. But not to promote your Fiverr page/gigs. It’s more for Fiverr buyers and people who have sites that aren’t about selling their Fiverr gigs I think. The example could just be that the adwords are promoting Fiverr’s site for Fiverr. A buyer could promote their site in a similar way though SEO would maybe be about getting it to the high pages of search engines without that (they’re usually about backlinks etc.).


Yes… that is also a possibility but

Then why did it show me (a seller) after I completed an order? See the background of the gif, i just completed an order, then this popup came.


Can you contact Fiverr’s Customer Service and they would give you the best answer to this question?..


Because they want you to buy SEO gigs, even if you haven’t already bought gigs in the past, so they can profit from it (eg. their 20%).

They’ve done other adverts for other categories of gigs in the past.


How do you know for sure?..This thread would just go on and on with an endless debate that would lead to nothing…which is why he should fiverr’s contact customer service to find out why


They want me to purchase SEO gigs? For what purpose?

  1. To increase my website impressions on Google search result? Naah. They are not that caring.
  2. To increase my Fiverr profile visibility? SEO only works for websites and other purposes. Fiverr does not allow Fiverr profile promotions on search engines. Hell… Google even does not showcase the Fiverr seller results in a normal query search.


I also received an ad from Fiverr via email today, and I haven’t completed an order today. It’s an ad for SEO, social media marketing and search engine marketing.


Well, I’m about to contact Fiverr’s customer service about this…


Ayy… that is why this topic is created in the ranting pot. :wink:


So they can profit and take 20% from whatever the SEO gig sellers charge.


Yeah… each and every business marketing strategy goal is to get profits. See my initial topic post and the 2nd reply. I was focusing on the Image of the popup. The image represent Google search result and we cannot use Fiverr’s services to boost the fiverr gigs or profile on Search results.

Everything is correct except the popup image.


Fiverr is their site. If you have a site (eg. that is business related) the same thing could be done for you but with your site instead of Fiverr’s (if you bough one of their SEO gigs or something like that).

You may be focusing too much on the adwords bit of it. It’s probably really just trying to show a site (eg. your site) could become high in the search results of Google etc. (optimized in the search engine results).

It may be a badly done image if the focus is too much on the adwords part of it, but it’s really just their promotion for SEO services on Fiverr. That’s all it is.


@uk1000 @iamsachmusic
Waiting on a response from Fiverr’s Customer Service about this…


Following up on what @iamsachmusic posted yesterday…I got a reply from my friends at Fiverr’s CS… More information coming soon

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Promote on Google?
There is only one way to promote on Google: Google Ads.


Maybe they mean promote on Google+, or, more basic, in the sense of via your own website/blog/whatever where you can promote your Fiverr gigs, which you optimize so it will get better results on Google.


Unfortunately very bad bugs was found in Google+ API’s and Google has decided to stop Google+. A software bug was discovered that gave developers access to private profile data of over 500,000 users.

Here’s the official consumer base public statement:

The enterprise version of Google+, aimed at businesses and other organizations, will remain.

That can be the case if we think from that point of view.