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I wish I could get paid for all of the spammy “heys” and “hi’s” I get everyday. WHAT is the PURPOSE of sending these??? Add in the sellers who come to me looking for work…I am a seller, so…yeah.

I’m wondering how many others of you get these, and if you know any reason at all people do this? I swear, I’m minding my own business when the alert sounds. “Oh, is it work? Did I finally get noticed by some huge magazine, ready to make all of my dreams come true? Did Timmy fall down the well again? What could this be?” (slides phone alerts, drooling in anticipation).


Brain exploding after three of these this morning alone.


Hi there Becky,

This post reminded me of another (kinda similar, not exactly the same though) forum post from not so long ago… If you haven’t already, here is an amazing read :wink:

Oh, I wasn’t even going there, LOL! But yup, I’ve had the exact same thing happen. It’s like Fiverr is a big dysfunctional dating site!!! Thank you for the link, it helps me know I’m not alone!

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The worst is when you say hello back and they just say hello again, lol.


I got it too and that’s fun. That’s mean I have a fan :tada:

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I’m pretty sure they are bots looking for accounts that are valid.
Then they spam or send a message asking you about a service you don’t even do.
Very annoying.

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