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For the first 5 people to respond that are either level 1, level 2 or top rated sellers, Fiverrtastic will write a blog about your gig. You must not have been featured in the blog before and you must follow my collection

and add one of my gigs to your collection.

thanks and have a Fiverrtastic day,



I am level 1 ! :smiley: and done the steps !


Sorry i haven’t got to writing a blog about your gig. I have wanted to feature your gig. Since i haven’t had a chance to and i have wanted to I will after my next few blogs that are coming up. One was a seller who ordered a blog gig and another was an interview for itsyourthing.

thanks for responding and have a Fiverrtastic night,



Haha no probs… i am working on something big as a personal project… will hopefully share by the time we meet again :smiley:


Reply to @anzal1: Josh is very good blogger and he updates his blog regularly. I know him from the very beginning he made his blog. If he is too busy with the work, I can help u by promoting on my blog too :slight_smile:


Thanks tumichael i’m really not too busy. i just get a lot of writing projects because people like my creative writing and my blog writing.


Done as you said.

I hope you could feature me there.

Leave me a message if you need some information.

Thank you


just talked to you Mesparks and Anzal1