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Fiverrtastic is willing to do a little sharing


My blog’s FB page is willing to advertise the first 100 gigs who respond to this forum post. All you have to do is follow my collection

and collect one of my gigs. I will post a screenshot of the gigs i promoted in groups. All I request is that sellers that respond be newer to level 2.

Have a Fiverrtastic day



I did what you requested. I hope I qualify. Thank you.

Or pick any Gig you may think will be better for your page.


Collected and following.

Thanks Mortal


the gig is scheduled to promote at 11:30. when i get a few on the screen i will post a screenshot.


daemonbill you’re scheduled too.


Grazi Mille!!!


Hi there! This is so awesome.

Here is my gig. I’ve followed the instructions and hope to hear from you.

Feel free to see my other great gigs too!



Dit what is asked! Thank you so much!


Reply to @bellaspinelli: your gig has been scheduled to promote at 3 am



yours is scheduled for 5am






I followed your collection. :slight_smile:


Hi Josh, this is Tu Michael :slight_smile: Hope u still remember me

I am happy that u r still running ur blog really well

I did what u asked so pls promote my new gig

PS: would u like to have banner exchange so that we can help each other out? :slight_smile:


My traffic is increasing day by day. There will be more useful posts on my blog. My gigs are unique and I have a lot of offers for sellers so it will be great if we can co-op with each other :slight_smile:


I’ll promote you Tumichael because i know you will promote me too :slight_smile: I have you ready to be promoted at 9am.


Reply to @bellerieve: I have you set up to go off at 7am. i will post a screenshot of the next few.


Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz: sure :slight_smile: i will promote u also



Pick some form mine.


Hi, I have collected your gigs and followed you collection, Please could you promote my logo design gig.