Fiverrtastic's always features the hottest sellers


Fiverrtastic is an innovative blog that has been around a year. some of you know about it and some still don’t know about it. Fiverrtastic features new Fiverr sellers all the time. Go check out the newest Fiverr sellers I just featured.who helped me make a Fiverr jingle Fragglesrock

have a Fiverrtastic day all.


[Sheriff’s Note: Your URL was removed as it is not appropriate for the Fiverr Fourm at this time. Thank you]


Josh is a very good blogger and he updates his blog regularly. I know him from the very beginning he made his blog. Every seller should try his promotion out. It wil help ur business on fiverr a lot :slight_smile:


I haven’t had time to read the whole blog yet, but from what I have read so far… Josh, it’s really impressive.

I am a very critical person and I can find faults easy… with yours there is only one fault. The layout of of your text blocks and your pictures could be improved. Widen the central white background and have your text make suitable paragraphs and wrap around pictures, similar to a journalist column.

Do this and it will increase the readability, interface and professionalism of your blog.

Apart from that everything looks spot on!


I use blogspot so I basically follow the blogger interface. not going to do the whole wordpress thing and as much as i want to transfer all my blogs to my .com site it will take forever. i keep getting a ton of orders that keep me busy…so that’s a big negative.


Yeah man no worries, im sure you will get on it some time. Good site though mate!! Id be honored to be up there some day.


i would love to feature you sometime. always looking for fresh new faces and new content.


I will deffo take the time to check out that blog of yours Josh. :slight_smile:

Can i find it if I google fiverrtastic? (As the link has been removed)


ya google fiverrtastic.


Josh, dude! What are you trying to do to me?!?!?! I was so looking forward to your blog post, but, wow, what’s up with this intro?:

"Like myself, Mrspanda, and many others on Fiverr, this seller has tried it all only to miserably fail at everything else web related."

Please, please, please edit that crap out! I’ve never said or implied any such thing. I may not be rich, but IndiVision Studios & It’s Your Thing Marketing are quite alive and well, thanks. My clients are ALWAYS happy with my work. Online or offline, I have never miserably failed anything!


i’ll edit it but i was putting that because a large majority of us here are here not because it gives us warm fuzzies. we’re here to meet people, establish connections, and make a living. you want to make a million some guy on here made 100k. others on here have made a substantial living…enough to buy a house or car. we do what we do because we enjoy it and we do it better than anything we have ever done before.


I saw the edit - THANK YOU!!!


Hey @cust0mcr3ationz !

Thanks for the mentions in the blog posting! The fiverrtastic jam was our most difficult gig so far, but I think it came out pretty well! Usually we write the rhythms first and THEN the singer has a go at it! :wink:

I do wonder what ruanna3 thought about it though. I’m sure she wasn’t hearing that jam in her head while she was singing it! m/


I think Ruanna3 liked it :slight_smile: