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Fiverr should have a UK option. So, basically it would work just the same - Seller sells something, but can choose £5 instead of $5 - Fiverr take their usual £1 (which is more than 1 dollar) - Everybody wins. UK sellers dont have to accept they only get around £2.50(pound) after fiverr and paypal fee’s.



But why would somebody click £5 if the $5 option is there which provides exactly the same value?


It would have to be a seperate website. If I had the money and resourced I would make a £5 website fo uk.

because the pound is worth more than dollars it’s frustrating working in dollars rather than pounds.

I unfortunately get get excited over lots of $5 orders, $10 $20 extras etc. But then when I conver the currency I’m disappointed again lol.

Our income would nearly double for the UK

$5 - fiverr cut - $4 converted to £2.60 (roughly)

UK fiverr - £5 - cut £4.

£4!! I could actually buy a pint of beer for that! Lol.

Bring on UK Fiverr, before I make one first! lol.


Reply to @arnevb: Totally ruin may be a slight overstatement!

FIVERR is not in the dictionary as the way you state it either :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the idea, but people will still come to and pay $5 rather than £5 for the same thing.