Fivers Great Pretenders: I'm on to You!


So lately, I’ve been getting orders from people who don’t message me in advance but do gush about how great I am and what success they have had with my work previously.

Naturally, I’m flattered. Who wouldn’t be? The problem is that I have never ever dealt with these people previously. What is more, I am starting to suspect that these people are psychological piranhas of the worst kind possible.

For instance, just yesterday I got an order on my $30 video and writing gig which incudes a brief 30-second ‘introduction to the topic discussed in your article.’ In short, what this gig definitely does not include is the creation of a full explainer video. - This is why I am a little annoyed but also amused when people like this send me a youtube link to videos which I have apparently created previously for them which they would like me to once again emulate the style of.

Well, no. At first I thought that these orders were genuine mistakes but I am now realizing that someone (possibly using multiple accounts) is taking full advantage of me.

Well, the jokes on you Mo Fo. You can only know my name and my in-built penchant for charity if you have found me on this forum. In this case, no, I’m not going to create your custom 1-minute video for $30. In fact, I’m not even going to offer to do it for extra funds. Tomorrow you will get exactly what I state you will in my gig description.

This is the end Mr. Whoever You Are. Read this, weep, and know that whatever username disguise created in May 2017 which you might come up with next, it will not be entertained no matter how much you flatter me!


Drat! You’re onto me… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A few things I check:

  • The creation date of the Fiverr account.
  • Does the buyer sell on Fiverr? And if yes, what is he selling?

I do my due diligence before accepting a project from anyone, whether they ordered from me or not (I’m not afraid to cancel.)


I have it even worse! “Clients” message me saying how they love my reviews and then ask me to come up with some great blog titles for them. Naturally, I expect them to make an order first but they mostly insist they want to know whether the articles are going to be any good. So share the article titles, they tell me they’re going to order ASAP and pooof I never see them again…Crown buyers are even worse…so I won’t get started on that.


“Crown” Buyers are a joke. I Googled one who had placed an order and a full page of results came up with complaints about him and his business operation. I cancelled the order and he readily accepted without comment.

Shady Buyers have become the norm on Fiverr lately.


I’ve had a few of these too lately and I’m confused by it. I can see that they have never ordered from me so what are they up to?
Just had another one.


I’m a little confused. They want you to make a video which you do not offer?
Or are they asking you for a sample and then steal it as their own or something? :open_mouth:


Not too surprising considering the majority of them buy on Fiverr because there’s always some gullible seller willing to do a $30 job for $5.