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  • I tried copying the code for my BADGE (found on my Gig)
  • Pasted it via COPY & PASTE into FaceBook.
  • It showed - sortof - Just the code and a few lines.
  • My badge is rather decent.
  • How to get the full thing uploaded to any social media account?

Thanks for any help…


Unfortunately, that’s not how the “badge” works. It is not for copy pasting into a text field such as Facebook messages or Twitter posts.

If you have your own website, you can embed the code of the badge into the page source of your personal blog or website. So this code is only of help if you have a website/domain of your own where you can edit the page source of the website.

Aaah! Thanks, Hans. What a pity. Darn…!
BTW, I have very dear friend, here in Tucson, AZ, who is also a Huber.

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