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Fivrr No Deliveries


So I just want to confirm, Im a buyer and I’ve seen the logo and now I want to mark the job as complete, but I don’t see the list of “Delivered Files” anywhere to confirm what is being delivered. How do I know if I click accept that the files shown will be sent to me instead of nothing?


How are you seeing the logo if it’s not one of the delivered files?

He attached the files :o

As a delivery or as a message?

If it was on the order page and is part of the delivery then I’m a little confused TBH.

oh yeah sorry, as a message. So like if I wanted to send images to him I would attach them in a message. He attached the logos as an attachment in a message and asked if it was okay, I said yes. He then asked for approval of delivery but looks like this without the listed Delivered images. And thanks for helping, I appreciate it as a first time user

Please ask your seller to deliver your files using the ‘deliver now’ button on the order page.

Then you’ll be able to see all the deliverables before you accept.

Never accept a delivery via a message even if everything’s fine.

Good luck! :sunny:


Awesome thanks a lot offlinehelpers! :blush:

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In addition to what @offlinehelpers said, asking for a 5 star rating is a violation of Fiver’s Terms of Service. You are free to rate them as you see fit (I’m not saying that you shouldn’t give them 5 stars even though you like their work, just that you don’t have to, and that they have no right to ask for it).


gotcha will keep in mind thanks!

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What about asking for “Star Feedback”? You know, just a reminder. They pick the stars. :wink:

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:joy::joy:…Exactly! Shouldn’t there at least be a way to insinuate a 5 star review :joy:

And then they pick 1 star, and the seller cries and cries on the forum… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


And the Fiverr world goes 'round! Hahahhaha! I’m laughing now, because i am all 5-star at the moment. You can remind me of this when I come crying when I get my first 4!

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Oh, my - you crack me up! :rofl:

When I accept the order, it automatically goes to the feedback then to review page. There is NO possible way for buyers to miss it. I just do NOT understand why sellers ask for reviews.

It gets annoying, especially when I get it from some of my regular sellers. I feel like replying with - “Geez, don’t I always review you? Why are you sending me this message?” :roll_eyes:


A lot of sellers have never bought anything, and they don’t know this.