Fivrr wont let me use the credit in my account to buy a gig(s)


I needed to order a gig for $655 and fivrr took the payment. For some reason gigs to the value of $495 were processed leaving me with $160 in the account. I need to order more gigs to pay for the job but fivrr wont process with the balance I have. Raised a ticket but heard nothing and now this is holding up the job.

Not impressed - anyone have any ideas as to why this has happened and how I can resolve?

Thanks :slight_smile:


The money has to be cleared to use - check your revenues page and see if that remaining amount is still pending. (change the drop down menu so you just get pending clearences)


Thanks for the reply! The balance of $160 in the account is from a deposit I made for $655. I spent $495 ok but canโ€™t seem to spend the $160 which I need to in order to get the job done. Iโ€™m a buyer only. Weird and getting no response from raised ticket.


Hmm, well that is interesting. See what customer support have to say I guess. Good luck!