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Fivver Gigs That Do Nothing But Waste People's Time!


I’m very annoyed because I’ve wasted a week trying to purchase a coupon for Facebook advertising on Fivver. According to FB, these coupons are no longer being distributed, so I understand if there are none available these days…but why do people leave their Fivver gigs up and running if they have no coupons to sell??? I found a list online of Fivver sellers who are supposedly reputable. Using this list, I purchased three different gigs hoping to obtain a coupon. Each time, I would wait for two days then the gig would be cancelled by the seller (or perhaps cancelled automatically). One seller had the courtesy to add a quick note saying “Out of stock.” The other two provided no explanation whatsoever, which is rude and unprofessional. I notice that all three of these gigs are still active, as if they actually intend to provide the service advertised. Because my gigs were cancelled, I am not able to leave feedback to warn off other potential buyers. I did not see any way to report sellers who are falsely advertising a service, but that’s a feature that should exist on the site.

Thanks to all who have listened to my rant :slight_smile: I’ll shut up now.


That makes sense, if the system automatically cancels the gig after the due date. The wording on the notice makes it appear as if the user took action on their own to request approval to cancel the gig, but it’s probably just designed that way. It makes me feel better to think that those accounts are simply abandoned and not there to be intentionally misleading. Still, there ought to be a way to report such gigs to whomever it is who oversees Fivver.