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Fivver Seller stealing work


I recently came across a Fivver seller that has been contracting work from other sellers, asking them send samples, he takes the samples they sent and sells it over to other sellers for a cost. Now I have seen this with my own eyes, berated him for doing so, as it seems unfair to me. I feel bad for these people because some of them took days to send these samples. He doesn’t even reply to them when he gets the samples. How could someone do that? This person isn’t a friend of mines but a relative of one of my friends. This upsets me so much. Is there a way to alert sellers about this? This is bothering me so much. Thank you for allowing me to vent.


Just flag! And Fiverr will take a look and decide what to do.



Without hesitation, watermark very heavily the samples ! In the end, they’re just that, samples and can’t be claimed by this scammer for being marked!


I am really sorry about that… But yeah stuff like this happens all the time. The sellers gotta be more careful imo.

I am not really sure about how this all works… But can sellers like… watermark all their samples… so that this doesn’t happen?


He’s not stealing - he’s being given work by foolish/naive sellers. What he’s doing is wrong, but it’s not theft.


From what I saw on his profile what he showed to us, one seller placed a watermark on their sample and he asked them to remove it. The seller still sent it without the watermark and he never replied. As someone said, maybe they are naive about it but it’s still wrong


You can contact customer service, but most likely the account won’t be banned because the seller was naive to give away free work.

He might get a warning if the seller specifically said that this is a sample and you will not get the rights to resell it unless you order it. However, if they make a few changes they can probably still get away with it.

The best course of action is to stop giving away free samples.


Sample is sample, no need to be unmarked.

As @offlinehelpers said… very foolish who unmarked it… sorry!


For some of them, he gives a cost of $10, never more than that. They will make the order, send the sample for him, they will ask for days if he likes it but no reply and declines the offer. I don’t know maybe I am being too sensitive about this but it’s really bothering me


The seller shouldn’t do any work on the project before the payment is made. I believe that’s even stated in Fiverr TOS or FAQ’s, can’t remember which.


This is why sellers shouldn’t giveaway samples.


Contact Customer support with this information, totally sad that other sellers hurt others


I think I will contact fivver and let them know. Maybe the sellers are naive but it doesn’t make it right. It’s unfair no matter how it happens. Wrong is wrong.


Yes, I agree with you, wrong is wrong but you can’t claim your own ignorance in your defense.

Try learning from this very hard lesson and just move on. Don’t get stuck in what it could have been done if you knew better. Now you know, don’t repeat the same error!

I am truly sorry for what is happening.