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Fix fiver algorithm

Please mates copy this link and send it to fiverr customer service the algorithm needs to be fixed.we are working hard and our gigs shouldn’t be sent to the back just like that!

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@miles_graphics, the solution, will come after 10 hours.

Please share it to fiverr customer service using your mail

Please don’t do that.

I have the solution already.

I will share the solution after 10 hours.

There is no point in creating a new topic to highlight a previous topic. Fiverr has always rotated gigs to allow new and old sellers to get exposure alike. It’s how Fiverr works and you can’t get around that. It’s in Fiverr’s best interest to allow new sellers the chance of sales as well as old sellers.

This isn’t normal, you won’t understand until it happens to you

It has happened to me, my gigs get rotated all the time. It’s how Fiverr works.

What’s the solution and why after 10 hours

Just have some patience and you will see the solution.

Keep following the original post.

Hey man, I’m not new to fiverr. I know gigs are being rotated.but this is a big problem with the algorithm. I even have a friend who just opened a new account on fiverr and after a week his gigs was sent to the back. It’s almost 3 months now and nothing. Mind you he is active

I hope so…

That could be for any number of reasons. Fiverr haven’t bashed together their algorithms without thought, the algorithms work for them as they are running a service to BOTH sellers and buyers. See: Fiverr myths debunked

Nothing is perfect, algorithm might be malfunctioning

My gig was sent to the back after I verified my :id:

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. If it is I doubt Fiverr would be unaware of it especially considering there are issues with gig statistics at the moment.

It is not malfunctioning, it’s working the way it is supposed to be. I will explain how it works in 10 hours. Don’t worry, just have patience, I will also share the solution.