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Fix Response Rate - Button to end conversation

I’m having an issue where my response rate drops when a conversation has come to a natural end. It makes no sense for sellers to be punished for not having the last message in a discussion. The response rate mechanic is trash cause it doesn’t factor the context of the discussion.

All the response rate mechanic does is make the seller seem like a robot. It’s not natural in the English language (heck, any human interaction) to always have the last word.

I get not responding to a message at all, but being timed on every message including ones where the conversation is being ended is asinine


The system counts every message you have responded to, during the last 30 days. It is OK if you respond as soon as possible to the first message your buyer (or potential buyer) sends you. For that conversation this is what counts. I don’t think you need to have the last word.


ONLY THE FIRST message counts towards the statistics.


It may be a bug then because even after the first message I’ve seen a red timer in message dashboard

If you feel your response rate is “off”, you should contact customer service. I had a spam message sent to me which was marked by others and immediately got tossed into my spam folder where I didn’t even realize it was there until I noticed a huge drop in my response rate - come to find out, it was due to this message from a spammer who just typed “hi” and nothing else. Check your spam folder in case something is in there that may be impeding your response rate.


Yes, like genuineguidance wrote, we need to check our inbox carefully.