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Fix Your English

Hey Sellers,

I have noticed that there are a lot of gigs written with poor, bad, sloppy English.

Poorly written gigs must surely turn off potential buyers, not to mention other sellers who read those gigs.

If you are a poor writer, have someone review your text before you post your gig. Please.

Or let me fix it for you.


I took a quick look at your gigs. And they’re fine - perfectly understandable (except for some pesky punctuation errors). Your English is probably better than that of most native English speakers.

You have a point but in some cases SEO out weighs Grammar. Sure the gig needs to be written well enough to make sense, but a seller may decide that a dangling participle doesn’t take preference over a properly placed keyword. It doesn’t matter how well your gig description is written if no one can find it to read it.


But the gigs I’m referring to are ones where the writer obviously doesn’t have a decent command of English.

For us non native English speakers the 1200 character limit does not help the situation at all.

True! I absolutely agree with you, seems they copy one from another and same mistakes start repeating :wink: