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Fix Your On-Page SEO With My GIG

Gaining top spots in search engine is becoming more challenging for site owners, which makes them put excess amount of energy in generating backlinks from all kind of sources while not paying attention to a very important ingredient that is On-Page Optimization. People target keywords in their backlinks all over the web but sad to see those keywords are not properly used on their own websites which makes their backlinks more prone to Penguin penalty. This report is an SEO audit for your site based on your targeted keywords; I will provide you

• A comprehensive On-Page SEO Audit Report, which contains description about how much your keyword, is optimized in title tags, Meta tags, heading tags, body and anchor texts.

• Top 10 competitors analysis with respect to the provided keywords and show you why they rank higher in search engine.

• In addition, with your site and competitors analysis, I will give you recommendations that guide you what keyword(s) to use and where to put them.

All the above optimization factors are very important, so if you are looking for improving your On-Page Optimization then this is a must have report for you.