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Fixed! Android Browser To Set Up Gigs On The GO!

So I got stuck 2000 miles away from home on holiday with just my Moto. I had made a special video for my gig and wanted to make a gig in my downtime but internet was none existent were I was, and only had phone service. And tethering was horrible and painfully to slow on my Laptop. Quickly found out that most desktop modes on Android browsers will not let you set up a gig. For some ungodly reason Fiverr does not want you to use your smart phone to do all your dealings. The Fiverr app is not a good working interface. Fiverr uses different methods to stop this. But horray “Brave” browser does work , dolphin just crashed firefox chome opera and all the others failed. Signing in is a little tricky. Use the zoom finger thing. And sign in quickly so the capcha does not time out and duplicate security images. Don’t forget to select desktop mode in the menu and allow pop ups (that’s in the bottom menu)


This is why I always have my snappy tablet with me. I used to use Microsoft Surface (RT & Pro) devices. However, every one ended up dying because of power brick and socket problems. This year, I invested in a super cheap Linx 12v64, slapped a linux distro on it and its became my new best freelancing buddy. 14-hours of battery life, 4GB RAM, full chrome support, easy tethering, and no MS spying.

Back in the day, phone tethering used to be easy but carriers got upset with how many people (like me) would find ways fo exploit data allowances. You can still pick up older smartphones like the Galaxy S Y which have inbuilt (and unrestricted) hotspot capabilities. Alternatively, you can get 3G and 4G for-purpose mobile routers. These are just appallingly easy to hack. (Unless you set your device up properly.)

I like how you have created a gig on a smartphone despite all the associated challenges. I think an amazing marketing opportunity for Fiverr would be to give a homeless person a smartphone or tablet and see if they could work their way out of poverty. (A bit like giving the guy who held the sign ‘I will code Python for food’ a chance).

Of course that could go horribly wrong. The next thing you know, you could have Fiverr sponsored bum fights sweeping the Internet. Well done, though, for being so resourceful yourself. :+1:

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