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Fixed Buyer Request Offers

Hi everyone

Hope You all are doing well. I noticed that when a buyer post a request with a certain budget i.e. 250$;most of the sellers sent them 20,30,50$ etc(Even-though the sellers are Level one or Two). Few sellers also send 5$!!!
Cause they are free to offer any budget starting 5$.
What I think that,Fiverr should limit the budget for sellers.i.e. if a buyer post an request for 250$;than no sellers’ll able to send them offer less than 230$ or something else.
Cause if the buyer don’t have any problem with his/her budget,then why should we sellers send him/her 20,30$ etc???
What I believe,if Fiverr limit the budget for sellers who sends offer to respond buyers post,then both Fiverr and we(sellers) get the benefit of earning more revenue then before.
I like Fiverr studio and pro Gig system. Fiverr limit a minimum budget for these type of Gigs. Hope Fiverr’ll consider my advice.



Why? So the seller can, in effect, take advantage of the buyer’s budget? :dizzy_face:

If a buyer has a budget as you said of $250 and my services for the work would be $215, then that is the amount of the offer I would make. If I would charge $275, then that is the amount of the offer I would make.