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Fixing Typos In Mesaages

I’m in the bad habit of occasionally clicking “Send” and then reading my message back (especially on mobile where it’s hard to read my entire message in the little text box).

When I catch a typo, I now simply copy/paste whatever I sent, correct the typo, and send it again :blush:

I wish, for people like me, users had 3-5 seconds to “take back” their message in case they spot an error they want to correct really quick. Or, plenty of platforms also give users the ability to edit messages at any time before they’re read (with the “Edited” tag added, of course).

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Sometime you might go to Custom Support with the conversation you had with a client for a dispute and if you can edit the messages then you can “twist” the events. That’s why I don’t think this is practical.

Now, regarding the typos, I only resend the corrected words when I do a typo and that seems to work.

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The suggestions would only allow for 3-5 seconds of time to change what you wrote. I doubt you could change the events in that period of time.

It’s unlikely the other person would even see the message before you changed it, so they wouldn’t know to report you anyway.

And I’m sure that Customer Support would have some way of seeing the message before it was edited anyway.

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I have used some similar platforms that actually show a link to “View Original Message,” but I’m sure all sites keep a copy for support purposes anyway.

I find it just flows better and is easier to read for the buyer if I re-send the whole thing real quick. Plus, then they’re less likely to notice I made a mistake/correction in the first place (they’ll just glance and think I sent my message twice) :wink:

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I do the same, I make mistakes all the time as I reply to messages as soon as I get them, even when I am writing an article, so that leads to mistakes.

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