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Flag for "More Information Needed*


I’ve noticed that a lot of times, I’ve got customers that submit information back to me, but it’s not complete. So much so that I am not able to do the work requested without their input.

I’ve sent these customers messages, but they don’t get back to me, leaving the only option to cancel (which we all know should be last resort).

I propose that if we need additional information from the buyer, have a flag that pushes the gig back to the customer and pauses the delivery timer until they provide the requested information.



Agree with the general idea, but the "devil is in the details."

If this were instituted in the simplest way, any buyer or seller could manipulate timetables by CHOOSING if and when to leave information. And sellers could give themselves extra time by CLAIMING that the info from the customer is incomplete when they really did have enough to start work.

Really, I love the idea for times when there is no doubt about the information needed to commence work, but there are SO many variables that this kind of policy might end up sending too many gigs into dispute status to referree just exactly how much info was enough info. And the resulting delays could take a maddening amount of time and effort from all 3 parties – buyer, seller and Fiverr. All for a $5 sale.

Develop a method where every possible question HAD to be asked and answered before the “clock starts” and make it so that could be customized for each unique seller and gig, and it would be worth a test or trial.

As a simpler “baby step,” I’d suggest a more flexible program of penalties for bad feedback to solve the multiple issues between buyers and sellers. Surely, not all “violations” are equal, but they sure seem that way here when judgements about seller status are often based on raw numbers with little regard for the actual cause of each problem transaction.


I agree with the general idea as well. And I wish something could be done about it. I honestly believe that a good amount of buyers will buy a gig simply by reading the title alone.

Perhaps incorporate some sort of tracker that tracks how much of the page you scroll down to read, sort of like those “agree to the TOS” things when installing software.

I have a buyer currently who ordered my gig and literally all they asked is what information do they need to send me. After I explained, I get no response. It’s been like 3 days.


It’s pretty brutal… I’m up against a deadline coming up (10 day sale window, started work 4 days in, delivery in 1.5 days from now) – buyer sent me information, which I told him I might need help with, and then totally goes MIA after having sent him a message saying "whoa man, need your help with this"

My gut is telling me I’m likely going to have to request cancellation as I refuse to deliver a half-baked product.