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Flag my account and restricted my all gigs

Hello everyone,

My account was flag from someone and I did not know the reason. My all gigs has
been removed and my account is under review. I cannot send any messages to anyone. I also cannot receive any order. I only complete order that I have received from buyer.

Now can anyone tell me the following questions?

  1. How much time Fiverr will take to review the account?
  2. What is the next step of Fiverr? My account can be suspended?

I have the label design gig and I was giving the professional service. All my gig description and gig listing is my design work.

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You may have broke one of the TOS rules, double check the Terms of Service(TOS) and see if you had broken any of those. It doesn’t a long time for fiverr to review your account however it just depends what time it is, it can be quicker at times and longer at times.

@abhisekneupane Can you please mention which TOS rule I have broken?

You have had 3 TOS violations, you should read fiverr’s TOS here :

@abhisekneupane Can you please mention which TOS rule I have broken?

As I told you, you should read the Terms of Service since you are the person who broke then not me, so yeah : )

@abhisekneupane I have read all Terms of Service and according to my knowledge I have not broken any TOS. You have told me I have broken 3 TOS violations that why I am asking for your knowledge.

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If you haven’t broke any rules then why did you account get 3 tos warnings?

@abhisekneupane please read the email again carefully. It’s not 3 TOS it’s 3rd warning

It also can be mistake or error by Fiverr system when any Fiverr team member will see my account it will be normal

3rd clearly and definitely means 3. If you got one warning, it would be 1st, if two, 2nd and if three, 3rd